1 cup milk
1 egg
sugar to taste
cinnamon (optional)
Bring milk to boil, wisk egg, stir into hot milk, bring to boil again, add sugar and cinnamon to taste, enjoy.
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Hi San

Sounds like the beginning of a custard recipe. Do you let it cool before consuming it?

When my tumor was still raging, the one thing that soothed my mouth and tasted really good was chai made with soy milk. (I still enjoy it). After my surgery I had an ng tube for about a month; when it was removed I think I was single-handedly responsible for increased sales of baby food and Boost nutrition drink. Another treat I discovered was CoCo Wheats (a chocolate-flavored porridge) made with equal parts water and soy milk. It's got a good, drinkable consistency and comforting 'mouth feel'; add a bit of brown sugar and it's absolutely wonderful.

Hi Lulia,
my mother used to make this or us, usually for supper. we had it hot, but now i let it cool down, my mouth is too tender still.


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