Hi Paul

You are no nuisance Smiler ! Have you tried asking your dietician for advice? The foods you can eat will vary according to your ability to chew and swallow, so they should be giving you tailored advice.

Supplements are helpful in increasing the calorie intake. You may find this link to Abbott Nutrition UK useful. They make EnSure. They also make ProSure, which has been shown to be effective in improving weight, lean body mass, performance status and appetite in patients with cancer induced weight loss. ProSure may be prescribed for the dietary management of patients with cancer requiring nutritional support. It was launched on 21 January 2002 and I came across it at a meeting about 2 weeks ago. They also have a pdf Nutritional Guide & Recipe Book ,with recipe suggestions on how to make their supplements more interesting, that you can download.

Anybody else with tips for Paul?

Best wishes
Vinod :coffee: Razzerizza:
Sounds like you need some fatty desserts Paul. These are not healthy ideas, but let's face it we are not healthy people anymore and have to live differently. I ate stacks of fruit and veg etc before and look where it got me.

My consultant told me as long aaas I was eating something that stabalised the weight not to be too worried. I tend to eat small amounts often Paul and have kept my weight within 2 lbs since April. I probably have about 7 or 8 smmall teaplates of food a day. A typical item might be beans on buttered toast, or a blueberry muffin from Safeways or a pancake with lots of fresh lemon/sugar (Vit c).

The easiest and packed with calories that I can think of are those little tubs of Milky Bar dessert promoted for children. High in calories and fairly easy to gobble down without thinking too hard. You can find them in the chill cabinets near yoghurts and the like.

Milky drinks fortified with Ovaltine and some double cream. Tinned rice pudding with extra double cream added. Marks and Spencer's panna cotta.

Goat's cheese is strong flavoured so we can taste it and it's soft enough to eat unlike cheddar which sticks - yuk. I have it on a rice cracker previously spread with butter or on very soft bread without crusts. Anything you can add mayo to.

I also like Fox's crinkle biscuits and dijestives dipped in tea as little snacks. Sometimes I thickly butter together Rich tea biscuits and dip them in tea. Dipping is not polite but polite society has not got our problems!!!

From Pauline - a lifelong calorie counter - now into adding, rather than subtracting calories.
Hi Paul

Pauline has summed it up nicely with some good suggestions. High calorie food is the answer - the things overweight people should avoid i.e. cream, full fat milk, gooey desserts, anything fatty (hope your cholesterol's OK!). It helps if you have a sweet tooth of course; if not, cream can be added to quite a few savouries like soup. Anyway, hopefully your dietician will come up with a few suggestions.

Are you very underweight Paul?

Let us know how it goes nuisance Wink Only joking Paul, you're never that.


PS: Thanks for asking how I am. My radiotherapy and post-rad message is on the Medications, Treatment etc. board.
Hi Strp, I pray for you at this time the worst of it all was the Radiothrapy the los of my voice (damaged chord) and pat of my tounge which I have to live with now.
I do hope you have peole with you to help?
I was on my own as my flat was near the hospital in the City so had to stay on my own and it was a nightmare feeding getting showered in the am and waiting for the transport then waiting hours for the transport to come home.
I thnk I have blotted alot out of my mind but I do remember then FORCING on the mask and skrewing it down and I could not speak to tell them it was hurting like hell!
I did have a row with one nurse for mucking me around that did not go down well but I thought i was justified and peolple just sat there and stared at me I could not give a dam at the time.
I had 35 sessions and I got well quite quickly only 2 weeks later went of to teneriffe for a week and just sat by the pool(peg as well, at least people leave you in peace!)every day it was so nice and relaxing.
I will say a prayer for you this am at mass and please let us all know how you are doing mate.

the nusience :banghead:

Hi All

Looks like you now have a good reason to eat what the rest of us have to feel guilty about Frowner !

:soapbox: Don't forget that frequent snacks of high calorie carbohydrate foods (muffins, biscuits, pancakes, etc) put your teeth at increased risk of decay unless you brush your teeth well (preferably four times daily). Ending your meal with a bit of cheese helps reduce your risk - something to do with the fat, etc. Big Grin

Have a good weekend, everybody.

Best wishes
Vinod :coffee:

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