I suffer a similar problem with eating and subsequent weight loss. I was recommended (by dietition) Scandishake sachets. Each sachet (approximately a mugful) contains 600 calories I believe. I take 3 per day and they come in a variety of flavours.

While this number on its own is, again I believe, insufficient for a recommended daily food calorie intake, I find them very easy to consume especially when chilled. I obtain mine on prescription. I hope this helps. Fridge
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Hello Dr Joshi, When Maurice was writing in his blog about waking up for all the feeds I wondr how many you would recommend, roughly? I need to put on at least 18 lbs. Lots of difficulty swallowing but have lots of Ensure which is beginning to make me gag a bit if I have it too often.
I will see nutritionist when she comes back after visiting family in New Zealand.
Thank you, and congrats on getting so much positive publicity for your protegees! Ishbel
Ishbel and Fridge, I have gained all my weight plus some on NOVASOURCE. It is a drink like ENSURE. It is 475 calories a box. I was drinking 5 a day in the feeding tube of course. Now I am only drinking 3. When I had radiation the 1st time I drank ENSURE & another drink called BOOST. I also managed to keep the weight up. You have to drink these drinks to be able to fight all the wars that are going on inside the body. That is a fact. If you are not in good shape this disease will eat you alive...I am not meaning to scare you, it is the truth. I also take vitamins everyday. Without fail. I have for years and years. Hope this helps you some..Get the weight up..You body needs to be able to fight along with the mind.....Okay.....Always Vicki Lynn

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