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Early diagnosis is important to treating mouth cancer successfully.

Tongue cancer can present in different ways, often mimicking a 'run of the mill' ulcer, sore throat or even ear ache. It wold be useful to know how the different mouth cancers present. I would be grateful if you could answer the appropriate questions.

For those who had a tongue cancer, how did it present? Choose as many answers as did apply to your own case, (or if you are a carer: to the one you care or cared for).
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Hi Vinod

Tricky to answer these surveys, isn't it? All I remember was pain in my tongue. I think I had both an ulcer and a lump, but I'm not absolutely sure. I put in the survey that I was referred by my doctor, but this was three years before my tongue cancer developed, when I got leukoplakia. When I got the cancer I was already under maxfax because of this, so was seen as soon as I rang up.

Based on 24 participants so far, the frequency of presentation as reported above is:
  • Ulcer on tongue (63%)
  • Pain in tongue (50%)
  • White patch on tongue (42%)
  • Ear pain (38%)
  • Swelling in neck (33%)
  • Feeling vaguely unwell (33%)
  • Swelling on tongue (25%)
  • Difficulty swallowing (25%)
  • Difficulty talking (17%)

The delay before you were referred to a specialist after you noticed 'something not right':
  • within 2 weeks (25%)
  • between 2 - 4 weeks (8%)
  • between 5 - 8 weeks (8%)
  • between 2 - 4 months (17%)
  • more than 4 months (42%)
Only 33% were referred with 1 month!
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