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my dads radiotherapy finished in May but within the last 2 months suffers from really bad ear pain. he has seen the ent specialist who just said it was side effects of treatment(not much help)and the antibiotics don't seem to work, please can someone let me know what treatments helped?
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Hi hp321,

I know all about the ear pain, but trying to get anyone to take any notice of it is quite difficult. Luckily I have a very accommodating GP who started treating me for trigeminal neuralgia with painkillers and nerve blockers. Mind you the whole thing had gone beyond an ear problem and I had excruciating pain in the masseter muscle area and along both jaws on eating certain foods - acid or anything sweet just sent me into orbit it was so painful. Also, my Chiropractor has been extremely helpful with manipulation, which has 'jolted' the nerve. I am now at the stage where those VERY painful searing pains have stopped but I still have pain in the masseter and up towards the ear. I really want to try to give up some of the nerve blockers and see what happens, but need to speak to the doctor before I start doing this.

Please let us know how you get on.
I have been wondering about this too. I having been presuming its normal after the operations as I didn't have RT. I am going to quiz my consultant next week
Good idea to quiz your consultant about the ear pain, though I never got any result from doing that. Don't just accept it though, although one has to remember that there is a great deal going on through that area of the head and neck and just about inevitable that a nerve has been upset. I just hope it settles and doesn't develop into any sort of neuralgia.

Keep asking the questions - and please let us know how you get on.

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