Hi SmilerI need some help
I was hoping for some advice on dry mouth!! What can I do for dry mouth at night cuz waking up with it is Yuckie!! please help. during the day is ok but the night is yuck!!
take care
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I have Biotene dry mouth toothpaste and Biotene dry mouth gel that helps a little - it stings a bit though. I squeeze some in my mouth when it gets really dry, smear it around, and it's good for awhile.

I have dry mouth worse when I wake up in the morning - once my tongue felt as if it were stuck to the roof of my mouth and I was afraid of prying it loose - kind of like prying your bare skin away from a frozen pole. (I thought it would be like that - it doesn't snow here so I'm only guessing!) I thought I'd just drink some water to loosen it. Don't try it! Water all over the place, but it did work. I should have just squeezed some gel in there.

I'm normally not a mouth breather but at this time of the year, allergy season for me, I tend to sleep with my mouth open. I bought those Breathe Right Nasal Strips - they work! I wake up with my mouth closed and some moisture in there.

I have a prescription for what my doc calls Magic Mouthwash that contains an anti-fungal to get rid of thrush, but that also stings. The doc suggested mixing it with a little Maalox to stop the stinging, which it does. Now I'm using Maalox before the Biotene as well so that it won't sting either.

Hope this helps. Since neither you nor I have feeding tubes, it's easy to have a glass of water or tea or something to sip during the day to keep the mouth moist.

Take care,

hi mimi
i have the same problem but i find that biotene gel does help me to sleep a bit longer,before i was waking up every 5 minutes for a sip of water and come the morning i would be shattered.its available on prescription from your g.p not sure if you can buy it over the counter too.hope you get some relief soon. love shirl xxx
I found the Biotene products worked very well. The dry mouth is really irritating and takes a bit of getting used too. Hagg.
Join the club Shirl & Hag, I have constant problem with dry mouth at night and the next day tired out.
What tongue I have left feels like snad paper , Asked my Dentisit at Maxfax for suggesions but says dos not know of anything .

If anyone knows something to help please post.

Hi All Smiler

I want to thank all of you for you advice I went out and got the Biotene products all of them Winkin hopes that they work for me.
cuz drinking water at night just feels like it rolls off the tongue like it would in the desert sand.
take care and thanks again Big Grin
Hi Hagg
I seen that biotene has gum to does the sugarfree gum work just as good? Cuz I noticed that my jaw is sticking so I have been doing what jaw exercises I can.thanks
take care
I was using tongue supressors to stretch my mouth opening but it was a bit painfull and as soon as I stopped it just shrunk back. I use the normal gum all the time and I think in the long term it just got my mouth used to being stretched. It was at about 10mm max and now it's about 25mm. It seems to have maxed out completely now. Hope that helps mbt, good luck. Hagg.

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