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I have dry mouth caused by damage to my salivary glands in 2011.   I was doing well until recently.  But a few months ago, I started having trouble masticating solid food in order to swallow it.  

I also need dental work, and think I should find a dentist who has lots of experience with dry-mouth patients.

I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you.

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I have similar problems. I had my surgery just over a year ago. The tumour was sitting over a salivary duct so they removed that too. Since the surgery I have bilateral blocked salivary glands in my neck and very little saliva in my mouth. My teeth have deteriorated rapidly since then. I also have ongoing problems with ulcerated lips, not sure if you are experiencing the same.

At the moment my mouth is infected and severely ulcerated. I also have several enlarged lymph nodes in my neck, making it hard to swallow. I am having a MRI scan next Saturday at GSTT. I think the cancer has returned.

You can buy artificial saliva spray, but I don’t find it helpful. I am currently controlling the pain with co-codamol and using Daktacort ointment and an aloe Vera gel.

Sorry haven’t been very helpful.


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