Hi I've just joined I'm 31 and female. I've had a thing at the back of my throat for months, looks like a red raised mass of something. Saw the dentist yesterday and asked her to look. She told me she needs to refer me to hospital. I asked her if it was mouth cancer, she just said 'It might not be.' I asked how soon I'd get an appointment and she said within 2 weeks. After my appointment I looked at her notes and she'd written 'Referral for MFU for urgent treatment.' I'm trying to keep calm but none of this sounds positive does it? 

Any replies would be great! 

Thanks, Kayleigh. 

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Hi K.  Sending you my thoughts and compassion at this tricky time.   It’s normal to worry and wonder, the best advice is to go along to see the consultant and let them take a proper look dentists obviously specialize in teeth etc, whereas the specialist you see will be taking a much wider view.  

Its impossibbe to diagnose any medical condition of this nature online, people can speculate and compare to their experience but I’d strongly recommend you wait to see the professional and see what he/she says.

best of luck.  Keep in touch

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