thanks for reading this friends ,i hope people dont mind me posting this here..... iv had this little what felt like a ball on the floor of my mouth (in the horse shoe shaped part) for a while now but recently i felt it and it feels noticeably bigger! and still like a ball but even bigger.... so i decided to look in the mirror thinking id see nothing that looked concerning but seen this?? is this anything to be worried about? im 24 a non smoker and it has to be a very rare occasion for me to drink. im a mum of 3. just looking for advice.... not sure if u can see on these pictures but it has some white on it too. my mum currently has oral/throat cancer. so im just more aware i think when noticing stuff too. just curious as to weather u think i need to get this checked or its something common? i will get it checked but cant until monday now.

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Hi Mummy Mandi

Sorry to read about your mom's situation.

I was going to suggest that you get it checked out (as you should do with anything that worries you), but you've already got that set up.

I'd tell you not to worry, but that's like telling someone not to breathe.

Please let us know what happens on Monday.

thanks for replying hun
yes its still there today it has a small white patch on it too not sure if u can see it on this.
i will be getting it checked out on monday hopefully
thanks hun

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