About 3 days ago, I kept have this feeling that something's stuck at the back of the throat, like a piece of food or something. When I checked the mouth I notice right side of my tongue (a bit further back towards the throat) is quite red (and some purple-ish color) and there's bumps around it aswell, I check my other side of the tongue and there are some bumps too but not that big and red. In face I checked other family members tongue and they all have similar bumps on the side of tongue but no redness etc. so I assume it's inflamed causing the normal bumps to enlarge, and the location touches the back of my throats thus the feeling of something stuck there.

The thing is it's not painful at all. Here's a picture I took: http://a67.tinypic.com/5zr7gx.jpg
There's a crater like thing next to the enlarged bump which I thought was an ulcer but again as I said it's not painful.

I'm really worried about the possibility of tongue cancer after browsing the web. I do occasionally have mouth ulcers (mostly after I accidently bite the inside of the mouth while eating), but those hurts a lot.

I'm 26 year old, female, do not drink or smoke.

Found this forum while browsing the web for information and hope that someone can give some advise. Should I wait a few weeks and see if it heals or should I go to the doctor? As I said I only started feeling the bump 3 days ago, but not sure if it was there before or not but never felt anything unusual.
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Hell Kerry

Sorry I missed your post. It is not possible to make a diagnosis over the Internet from a photo. Saying that, it didn't look like a mouth cancer. It is always best for you to see your dentist for an opinion on anything in your mouth that you might be concerned about.

Best wishes

Hey Kerry 


whats was the verdict on this ? I have a similar back part of tongue . No white just red purple veins etc. looks like the same bumps on the other side back tongue is inflamed or infected . Was hoping you got a answer ? 


Thanks !

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