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A thank you.
Before I project my health anxiety I want you all to know that I wish those suffering the best as I know how selfish it can seem when someone like me types these kinds of things. I have health anxiety and rationality comes second with this. (again im sorry and wish you well)

My "Stats"
Age: 20 (As of early August)
Smoke: Never
Alcohol: About 5-10 drinks per year
Oral cancer family history: none
STD: None

What I want to say
Since about late June (2 months) I have had what seems to me is a reddish pink patch inside my cheek near my back molars. im not sure if this forum supports photos but I will try just for reference.

It comes and goes day to day and the texture changes. Typically I have noticed the more I eat the rougher and redder it is. I havent noticed any chipped teeth in that area. I have bitten my other cheek before but it healed in a few days. (images in order are from 4 weeks ago, 2.5 weeks ago and a few days ago. (Today it looks simmilar)


Im not sure if that worked so again ill re-post the links to the images:
4.5 weeks:
2.5 weeks:
2-3 days:

Questions (opinions)

1) could this be irritation?
2) does this look red or pink?
3) does this look like ethroplakia
4) does this look like a red-alert sure fire problem for cancer or at the least erythroplakia?

Just so you know
I am aware that regardless of what you say seeing a dentist is important anyway and I agree. However due to a plethora of circumstances I wont be able to see a dentist for about 1 and a bit months. Im wondering mainly if what I have looks like an iminent threat.
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