Just a brief history of myself. 46 year old female who had a prior history of excessive alcohol use. Last year I had a white patch removed from my throat. Biopsy said chronic inflammation. Fast forward to about four and a half weeks ago a sore spot popped up on the top right side back of my tongue. Went to the dentist at 2 weeks  who lasered it. Not sure why but he thought it needed debriding ? I don’t have pain here anymore which it wasn’t really painful just tender like a bruise. I’ve been watching it and it’s slowly looked better but I don’t think it’s totally going away. Of course I’m worried about oral cancer due to my past history and am worried it will just come back. Also concerned that it was lasered instead of biopsied. I will post a picture of the before during and after.


Thank you!


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Lasers can also be used to remove lesions for biopsy. You should go back to your dentist and ask for a consultation with al your questions and concerns. They are experts at detecting any suspicious lesion and normally they will make a referral to an oral surgeon if necessary. 

For peace of mind please do this. There is no point worrying about something that can be discussed. 

Good luck. I hope everything is ok. 




Thank you for replying. I could tell he was just guessing at what to do. I’m just worried that the laser can interfere if there is a malignant process taking place. I’m assuming it can because I read that lasers are used sometimes for treatment.

Does anyone know if this would be cancer would it resurface? As you can see in the third picture there is still a bit of red and in person there is the slightest little pit there.

Sorry but I am just extremely worried and am upset that it was lasered instead of biopsied. This limbo period is killing me waiting to see what it does or if there is something going on deeper that maybe has been interfered with.

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