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Most of us have a fear of dentists.  Probably because when we were young we were taken begrudgingly and when we got there a man out a mask on which made us feel dizzy and sick.  

Next thing we woke up and our mouth was bleeding and tasted terrible

Things on Our long term memory are significantly deepened when they incur strong emotions.  The very mention of dentists triggers the freeze fight flight mode of survival.  

Maybe reassure him that those days are a distant memory. There are no masks or gasses there days. 

Oh, and if it is cancer, the sooner he goes the less invasive the surgery.   Catch it early enough and your eating and speech isn’t compromised.  Leave it and it gets very serious. Sometimes Very quickly.  

So, it’s fear which limits our ability and agility.  “Feel the fear and do it anyway” is what Susan Jeffers wrote

Much much luck and love.  

Btw he is also unique.  I know of no other man who doesn’t do as his wife says.  I take my hat off to him!

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