I wonder if anyone could help me?

My father in law went into hospital with cancer of the right tonsil with some lymph node involvement and some local spread to the soft palate and surrounding tissue.

He has now been discharged and on his discharge form it states, "Excision of Rt tonsillar tumour, bilateral neck dissection. Lt I-III, Rt I-V.

It goes on to mention the forearm flap and PEG feeding tube etc.....

I was suprised to see bilateral as I had only been told of the left side.

I know he has also had about 50% of his tongue removed as the consultant told me.

Does anyone know what the roman numerals mean?

He now has to have radiotherapy because apparently the lymph node involvement is "extensive".

I am quite worried about him. He is not eating at all, not even soups and the secretions that were commented on here previously have not abated at all.

I would really appreciate any comments on his situation and especially an answer to the roman numerals.

Many thanks.
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He's been to the hospital today and we have now been told he needs 6 weeks of combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Can anyone tell me what this is likely to be like for him?

The Macmillan nurse told me yesterday that they cut to the margin but there is still tumour left and the nodes are extensively affected. It doesn't sound very promising to me.

So sorry to hear this tough prognosis for your father-in-law. I am not sure what kind of treatments are customary in UK but I know that everyone I talked with here suggested to my husband that if he had lymph node involvement that he get a PET scan which shows any sign of cancer throughout the body. This way the doctor and your family know exactly the extent of what you are up against. Our thought and prayers are with you. The best thing is to stay strong and positive.


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