Hi Dr Joshi
I think I've got the word right in the subject. I remember reading it when we first came on the site but have forgotten anything I knew about it back then.
I'm keen to have a refresher on the subject as Trevor has to have further surgery following his post dilation clinic yesterday. He is having awful problems with mucous ~ strange to have it come back with a vengeance after a good break from it. His throat is sore (say it could be from reflux)so he is on medication for that to see if it helps. His throat is still very swollen which they can't explain and the front of his neck (in the dewflap????) is very hard. They say things may not be draining properly due to the removal of the lymph nodes.
Any info will be gratefully received.
Love from Down Under
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Hi Deborah,
Sorry to hear about Trevor's symptoms but try not to worry too much. Neil had a dewlap which frightened him to death and when he asked about it his oncologist said it was was perfectly normal after neck dissection, raditherapy and chemotherapy. It was, as you describe, very hard and used to be worse in the morning - in fact depending on which way he slept he frequently woke up looking lop-sided! We are nearly 18 months down the line and it is much better - his oncologist confirmed that it was caused by lymph fluid and she advised gentle massage which did help.
I hope all goes well for Trevor and you take care too!
Much love
Thanks for your reply Margaret.
Nothing has been said to cause any great concern for Trevor but you know how it is ~ they don't have to say anything, we can think whatever we like!!!
It just seems strange that nothing has been mentioned until now ~ afterall Trevor finished his treatment in September. We could have been massaging up a frenzy had we known it might prevent 'issues' down the line.
Never mind, thanks again for your reply.
Cheers from Down Under
Hi Deborah

Hope Trev is feeling better.

Does Trev drink a lot of soft drinks such as Coke or fizzy pop?

The reason for asking is it can be the cause of acid reflux.

I use to drink a lot of coke and had real bad reflux, don't touch the stuff now.
If the reflux is bad a night, try raising the head side of the bed (perhaps on a couple of house bricks) sounds daft but it helps to raise the head above stomach level and this can really help.

Like Trev, I ended up with dewlaps (I looked like our old bulldog), I now 14 months down the road and they seem to have "melted" away it take some time for the body to sort itself out.

Be careful about massaging around the lymph area, there has been some reports that’s this best left for 18 – 24 months or so.

All the best to you both



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