Dentist with oncology specialization just told me since I have so little saliva I need to brush and floss four times a day, apply fluoride treatments daily, replace my toothbrush every other month, and see a regular dentist every four months. Otherwise all my teeth will rot out of my head and dentists will not be able to do a thing about it.

He held up a magnifying mirror to my teeth and used a metal probe to show me the places I need to clean better.

Why are dentists so mean?
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Hi Ron, We ran into at least two Dentist here in Arkansas, and two Dentist in Mobile Al. They
also liked to do root canals when the teeth
wouldn't hold up to it. I have since had all my
bottom teeth removed. I love it that way.
Take Care,
Hi, the French have a saying, " To Lie like someone who pulls out teeth"

I am in the same boat, clean teeth after eating, never eat when out.

My ex husband was a dentist, so you can know how I feel, he used me for most of his dental exams, so my lower molars with super inlays, have had to go prior to rad treatment. I battle with the lower plate with four teeth on.

Well Ron, I eat a great deal of fish, and I have a new chicken recipe if you are interested ?
Thanks Dr. J. I know it is what I needed to hear, and I should really be so grateful that I have 28 teeth and access to good dental care. It still seems like such a burden.

Cat, you're making me grateful for what I've got, and motivating me to keep up with the nightly fluoride trays.

Garance, I'm game for the recipes. What kind of fish do you eat? Every time I've tried it since radiation treatment its always too dry and chewy.
Hi Ron, my chicken dish was very easy to do, 4 spring onions, sliced fine, gently fry in small amount of butter and corn oil, add 2 medium sized tomatoes, chopped fine, add to pan and simmer gently, add slim slices of chicken breast, keep heat low to avoid too much colour, half a knorr chicken stock cube melted in half cup of hot water, add to pan with all the rest and simmer until cooked, turn down heat, add large spoon of double cream and mix,
goes great with rice on the side. I do not add salt as stock cube can be salty, you could add chopped parsley, I am unable to take salt or pepper. Spring onions are small with long green shoots, I don't know the name in the US.
Re Fish, I like Cod, which I do in the microwave with milk and butter, I flake the fish, and use the milk with butter to make a classic bechamel sauce and pour over the flaked fish. you can add a bit of dried or fresh dill to the sauce. Enjoy
Hi Ron
Re the fish try LIGHTLY cooked plaice, dover sole, cod or smoked salmon.

I ate smoked salmon early on as the cream cheese mousse type of small oval starter you can get in supermarkets. One is like a meal to me. I can eat abit more of it now and prefer wild atlantic smoked salmon as the taste is stronger and more like smoked salmon as I recall it 30 years before the supermarkets produced this flabby stuff.

Hot food - I don't like sauce on my fish as I still find sauces gluey. Generally I cook something strong flavoured like sliced fennel and a spanish onion in a few tablespoons of water and an ounce of butter with seasoning until the veg are melting soft. (( I might half microwave the veg for 4 or 5 minutes to soften them first before sauteing and I would probably have it with some well boiled new potatoes or mash or a baked potato and well cooked asparagus. Baked potato is the least gluey.))

Then I place the seasoned plaice on the top of the veg in the fry pan, and cook gently until it's just cooked which takes just a few minutes only. Iwatch it like a hawk. I think overcooking it, spoils it and does make it hard. When you eat it do as I do and just eat the best bits. I find cod more meaty, but it does have a bit more taste - again if not overcooked I can eat it.

As time as gone on fish has become better as a food. I've also found the odd kipper ok although harder fleshed I like the very strong taste. Sea bass is also ok. Avoid the harder firmer meatier fish like tuna, shark, snapper etc.
Good tips on the fish, I'll have to give some a try. Closest I've come is to sautee shrimps in a lot of butter with some garlic powder. Dover sole or sea bass should work cooked in butter, and give me a bit more variety.

Right now I'm fighting my way through a chocolate covered donut, and washing it down with some coffee. It tastes like nothing, and I can barely open my mouth wide enough to bite it, but I'm eating it anyway on general principles.
HI, Well as I have said before all mty teeth are so rotten and I keep having Absesses the last while I was on hoilday and it scared me to death as not one tooth but a blister like thoing right across the top right gum.
I had med with me but my god it was painful.
Luckily found a VERY clued in Chemist and he gave me a cream to rub in (not bongel rubbish)and at least I could have some Weetabix after 4 days no food.
Well on day they are going to have to take the teeth out and the chance of Ostioradporosis is very high but after seeing what Vicki Lynne goes through will NOT go there and call it a day.
Drastic but hey guys when youo have been there critise he he Smiler

Hi Paul, glad you are back on line, yes the teeth are a major problem, I have terrible toothache at night, not so bad in the day, and the fungal infection, on and off make things quite hard. Please keep us posted on how things are re any extractions.
Big Bear Hugs to all of you out there.

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