Alright I have a question for all the members on the board, also sice there are so many from the UK.

Who here is fans? I am just curiuos since there are so many of us and I wanted to talk about something different for a change.


Pam C.
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Hi Pam

I've never been a fan of their music, but Rock of Ages is one of the most theatrical videos I've ever seen.

My own musical tastes are pretty questionable: They Might Be Giants, Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell, Barenaked Ladies, the Austin Lounge Lizards and Weird Al Yankovic.

Are there any songs that bring you to tears? Two songs that get me every time are Cat's in the Cradle and Puff the Magic Dragon (very poignant lyrics).

Not keen on Def Leppard but I'll listen to most stuff as long as it isn't Country and Western or jazz.
Sex Pistols, Prodigy and Motorhead are probably my top 3, seen Motorhead 4 times and they just get better but I like mezzo sopranos if I'm in the right mood too. Bit of a mix there Smiler. Hagg.

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