Ok, I have a few questions.... but mostly I think I have symptoms, but I am not sure of what yet. I have a doctor appointment in about a week for just a routine annual appointment. I would like some heads up to be sure I am taken seriously when I mention these symptoms.

1) My uvula is crooked. It slants significantly to the left.
2) I noticed the crooked uvula when I was finding myself choking on small foods ie. skittles, rice...
3) The roof of my mouth is a strange yellow white color.
4) The far back of my tongue seems to be raised?? (I’m not sure about this one)
5) I don't really have any trouble breathing, but it feels weird when I swallow - not just food... regular saliva type swallowing.
6) The underside of my left jaw always feels swollen.
7) I wake up with a lot of phlegm in the morning. I spend 5 minutes of time getting ready in the morning just spitting out phlegm.
8) I also get phlegm during the day. I sit in my office and sound like the old lady down the isle. I don’t choke on the phlegm... but I constantly have to "break it up"- by blowing it out with a fast exhaling.

I know that I just listed a lot of issues... but that is why I am so concerned.

Any help, suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.
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You might have a throat/nasal infection or other problem but it is not possible to give a diagnosis over the Internet. Please see your doctor for a proper diagnosis. Do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
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