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Dear Robert,
I must have missed out something in between. NDTV is basically a 24 hour news channel. We have five sports channels and get almost all football, soccer, NBA and Cricket matches live. Star sports and its sister ESPN are one, Neo sports have two channels and 10 sports have another two. If nothing works we have our government run Doordarshan - Sports, which only someone who is totally desprate will watch.

I understand you can subscribe to all the channels now both in the UK and USA though I think the Indian movie channels are on the more expensive side. I am not sure but am assuming so.

So lets catch up soon just after the 4th. ODI and compare notes. What would the British side do? Play the same side? India - what are they going to do as most of the batsmen are in great form but the bowling department and the catches dropped have compensated for all that the batsmen do.

Till later and with the hope it will be another ODI with no rain and plenty of sunshine.
Take care and lol,
Hi Gang. I would like to congratulate India on their 1-0 series win against Pakistan and it would have been 3-0 if it had not been for Misbah-ul-Haq. What a bizarre run out involving him. Glad to see Youvraj getting a chance in the test team and taking it. Looks like England will finish 1-0 down against Sri Lanka and it was a shame Hoggard was injured as he is a key bowler for us. Shame the pairing of Hoggard and Harmison cant get back together as they have done brilliantly in the past bu never mind Sidebottom has done a good job since his recall in the summer. Well Done Muralithuran for breaking Warnes record. All the best to everyone for Christmas and New Year.
Dear Russ,
What do I do - thank you on behalf of all the Indians I guess - as its the first time in 21 years that India have managed to win the series. As a lot of people pointed out - the spark that is normally associated between India and Pakistan matches was missing - so winning or loosing did not play a major role. However, the positives were there to see - as you mentioned Misbah - he had to wait like eternity to get selected for the pakistan team and proved his worth. Yuvraj has always been a class apart and will keep growing in stature and will turn out to be one of the best all rounders. I am also glad that the top six have all fired the salvo - but I also feel they could have won the last test had Kumble declared a bit earlier. I just about manage to get the news on BBC so am able to keep abreast with the latest.
Why do you feel Hoggard is the best bet for England? I think it Freddie who is the key player - only I really feel he has to mature. Both hoggard and harrison are work horses and can go on pitching the ball excatly where they want it to trouble the batsmen - but as you mentioned its a shame that they cannot pair up.
Murali may have broken Shane Warnes record on the number of wickets - but the edge that Shane still has and will always that he retired from cricket some time ago and his tally remained constant. It had to be a matter of time before murali caught up - I dont think it is much of a deal - though Murali is a a fantastic bowler.
Kumble all said and done , I think was the ideal choice for the top position as he has the experience, the killer instinct and the respect of the entire team. Somehow, I have this feeling we are going to witness some changes in the scales in the forthcoming series against Australia and I am looking forward to that. The Indians are in full flow and are all contributing very well( Pathan for example). Lets see how it goes.
Merry xmas to you and all also - may you all have a great time.
Tons of love,
Hello to the cricket gang,
England is in deep problems with the Lankans - having been bowled out for their lowest score ever. Honestly speaking I do not think any of the players are playing upto their potential - especially KP, Freddie, Hoggard and Harmison. Collingwood has shown a little more maturity and does not just throw away his wicket.
India seems to be well on their way Down Under- and I have this feeling the Aussies are going to have a hardtime this series as Kumble is a very clever an wiley cricketer and is handling the team very well.To add a little more - the Indian lineup is really looking good and the team is not depenedent on just a player or two. The lineup goes right down to the 8th. wicket. Lets see how it goes.
Any bets?
Yes England are very very poor at the moment and it was embarrising seeing them getting bowled out for 81. They need me batting out there i think. Bobara for me is not good enough at Test standard yet and should be dropped and Strauss should get another chance. KP is just too arrogant and expects to score runs wherever he goes instead of grafting. Huge Talent he has but needs to knuckle down. Glad to see Tendulkar and Dhoni back. India will do well in Australia and i think the series will be drawn. Merry Christmas to you all.
Dear Russ,
I have no doubt your inclusion will make a major difference to the English side - at least you will be able to give then the ideal start that they have been missing out on. Looking at the positive side of the team - its full of youngsters and some very experienced players and with time I am sure the mix will pay off - just as it has with the Indian side. I would not blame England for all getting all out for 81 as finally at the end of the day - they managed a draw - even if it was thanks to the weather. I think its now time to make some harsh desecions and decide on not to let any of the players take it for granted that they have a permanent seat in the team. KP - with all his arrogance has still managed to score a 1000 runs plus in the 31 or 32 matches he has played in this calender year - for which one will have to overlook his arrogance . As I mentioned earlier the pacers somehow, are not quite upto what they damage they can do if they went all out. Monty too seems to have lost a bit of his confidence with the likes of Murali keeping the English batsmen busy. All in all its been a lousy series for England.
Coming to Down Under - the land of OZ - I liked Sachins remarks about him wanting to leave Australia with a win on thier grounds and he is very determined to play out his heart and the same applies to Saurav, VVs, Dhoni, Rahul, Katick and Sehwag ( who better do something or he is def. a goner!). The bowling too has been upto its mark with the two spinners - Kumble and Bajji going great guns and I hardly find it a surprise when I see Zaheer or Irfan pick up a wicket or two before one can even settle down to start watching the match.
I have managed to get the paid channel for the cricket and have NDTV and Star crisket to keep me updated and as usual people here find me wierd, watching eleven players on the field trying to get two with their bats out and finally when they get all the eleven with bats out, the men who had the bats enter the field to get the team that was getting them out to bat!!! I dont even bother explaining the addiction one develops for the game and in any case they are least interested.
Gary Kirtsen - the new coach - I wonder how he will shape up. Everyone fear are that he may get a bit overawed with all the senior players in the Indian side even though he himself has an enviable record.
My only desire this time is thet in the first instance it does not rain and secondly India gets the Aussies to rub their noses and cry that they have had enough. I love the way Hogg is so confident. He does not realise how sachin means what he said or rather wrote - "Never again"!! The master was Shanes nightmare and will now be Hoggs. I pity him.
Any bets Russs?

England never really recovered from losing a decent position in the first test.After that it was their bowlers who let them down.They never came to grips with Sri Lanka's key batsmen.

Also its probably one of the worst England fielding sides I have ever seen.Plus points for England were Cooke,Bell ,Harmison.

As for Aussie vs India ,even the Aussie media are saying their team is to arrogant.Good luck India.

Hi Robert,
From what I have read, I think Gilchrist for the first time has overstepped the line and so has Pointing and Symonds has had a hair cut!. One only steps across when one know the chances of geting thrashed are a relaity. I admit one thing - the Indian pace attack is nothing much to write home about - but both zaheer and Pathan have been bowling at 130/135 km - which is not bad. The new additon ( I dont remeber his name) can go upto 140 plus and so can RP Singh. The only one who beats these guys is Bret lee and it will be worth watching how they use him and in how many bursts at a time.
Sachin, Saurav, Laxman, Rahul, Dhoni, Irfan are all in great batting form and not to gorget Karticj - who had a bad time against the Pakis but made up in the last test. These matches are going to be worth every peseta I have spent on it!!
Take care of Robert Lorraine - as I ned him to discuss the days play!!
Lots of love to both of you and warm hugs,
Hi Russ,Robert and all thos who like /love cricket.
Tomorrow is the D day - when The Boxing Day match starts off. The days of reckoning is finally here and let us see if India can do it and give the Aussies something to think about.
Contemplating about playing Hogg and he seeming so sure about his abilities, I do hope he does not disapoint or else he will go into an all time depression. Even the sledging will be great to watch as both are sides that do not back off any more. India used to be the timid guys - but that is used to be and we are now- no timidness - give as hard as you get.

Another few hours (about 12 odd hours to go ) and I will be glued to the TV!!!

All the best - Aussies as Down Under India is thunder!!!
Dear Trev,
I refused to sleep and have not had a wink since the match began. Now that I know there is so much of space in the depression wards - the Aussies - especially need it.Hussy, Pointing, clark and now Hayden all leaving the on the first day on the field at 264 for five!!! They will go or have already fone into shock as this is peanuts for the Indian batting line up and its even if the Aussies score (manage to reach 300 + ) - they will have to get India out and will have to bat again as any target they set up is a days job for the men in blue.
Come on Trev - I know its tough to watch the Men in Blue rub the Aussie noses against the pitch ( remember Ruldoph??)buts its show time and in your own back yard and India is set to finish the Aussie supremacy.
Lots of love and hugs,
Dear Trev,
Have the Aussies checked in to the depression wards? The fun starts tomorrow when the last pair get knocked over and India gets to bat. With the kind of form they are in - I do not think they will be any mood to let the Aussies off the hook.
This is just the start and there are still matches to go. Lets see what the ides of December and January bring for us as afr as Cricket is concerned.
Dear Robert,
I had this feeling about the innings and the Boys in blue did not let down India in anyway. The way they pulled the match back was just what the doctor ordered. The idea should be now to bat sensibly over the next two days and build up a mamoth score - which will either mean the Aussies will have two days to catch up or loose their wickets again and let India take the lead.
Though one can still never be sure as far as cricket is concerned - the chances of the Aussies winning this test are almost nil. Both Zaheer and RP Singh are getting massive swing and I wonder if Australia will be able to match that, keeping Bret Lee in mind - he is pure pace and is now very predictable. Hogg is in for some massive punishment and so is Symonds. What are the options does Ricky have? I had mentioned it earlier that India has the fire power in both pace and spin as both the opening bowlers were generating speed between 130/135 and when one is facing that kind of a ball - I really would not find so much of a diference between Bret Lees pace and those of these two. As far as the Spinners are concerned - ever since Shane Warne decided to quit - Hogg has not quite been able to take over the mantle and there is no proper replacement for McGarth (I do hope his wife gets better soon).
Well, I will be there once again wide awake to watch every ball and when India bat every hit to the boundry ropes - either in terms of boundries or sixers. I am keeping my fingers crossed as its hightime someone upset the great Aussie cart. What say?
Lots of love,
Hi Trev,
So India is now all out and trail by about 160 odd runs. Its a fine gesture on part of the Indians to let the hosts play or think the are in the rivers seat. Even the players who were not out accepted gracely and quietly walked out. The second innings has begun and now let us where we are headed. The biggest mistake I think India made was the opeing pair - It should have been eiher Sachin or Saurav with Jaffer. Rahul has never been comfortable as an opener and when he comes down even after the first wicket falls at zero - he is a different player altogether.
Lets see what the second innings has to bring - as India is not going to be that forgiving as it was in the first innings.
Lots of love,
Hi Trev and all you cricket fans,

I have no answers for the way the Indians batted and have lost the first test at Melbourne by a solid margin. I eat my words on the "greatness" of the Indain players. One never actully feels the Indians were serious about the test - but were treating as some kind of a club game!
Well done to the Aussies - they deserved the win and win with the fantastic magrin they won.
love and hugs,
Hi Robert,
You are completely right on the batting bit as far as the Indians are concerned. There was no reason to have Rahul open the innings and Ian Chappel commented - if Sehwag had been taken along for the tour -it was because of the opening slot. I know Rahul is not the kind to refuse opening but one can see he is clearly unhappy and has been going through some turmoil as of late. Why dont they let him remain where he normally bats and let Sehwag in to replace Jafer and open the innings with Saurav. One extra seamer would have also helped the clause as the ball was swinging and Irfan can make the ball swing both ways. Add to this his batting skills he is a gret guy to have in your final eleven.
The problem is, however,which two players does India drop -one is Jafer and the second??? Yuvraj is in the groove and I am sure he will do really well, Harbajan - bowling well but not many wickets to his name. Zaheer and RP - both have been bowling very well and there is no question of droppping them but adding Irfan to their armoury. As spinners are concerned - Sachin, Yuvraj and Sehwag do bowl pretty regularly and for a spell in between Saurav (the partnersip breaker) can be called in. I really do feel that both Jaffer and Hrbajan should war the seats in the Sydney test and hand over the bat and ball to Sehwag and Irfan.

Any suggestions?
Dear Trev,
You are right - oh my gosh India is going thongs and hammer against the Aussies!. 210 for 3. Big shame aint it? Tell me Trev - why should India be made to take 15 Aussie wickets per innings and the Aussies can take just 9 of the Indians? I am sorry but Pointing was out and so was Symonds on two ocassions - once stumped and once caught behind. Even the Aussie crowd accepted it!! Lets face it India was playing against the 11 players and the three umpires. If India had been playing against the 11 - the Aussies would not have got beyond 175!
I truly hope and wish that Sachin and Saurav play the role of their lives and beat the hell out of the Aussies - regardless of what the umpires think - by not giving them a chance to get a chance to take a desecion and yes - they play as if it were the mother of all tests they have played!!

Come on Trev - give India its due or the men in gold and green pray for rain. Thats the only way they are going to stop India.

Dear Trev,
Stop rubbing your eyes - India has surpassed the Aussies and are still batting. They did prove their point to Pointing, "Sigh"mond is lost in the Indians centuries. Can you imagine? After bowling out Australia out when they were playing 15 players - the (umpires) three who created the damage have been badly hit. Oh, Oh !! leading by 17 runs....

Did Laxman, Sachin, Rahul(though out of form) and Surav and the surprise - Harbajan really rubbed in - what do you say mate?
Hi! Ananth,
Yes I'll give India their dues, they are a force to be reckoned with BUT we are still 1up Smiler and I perceive this test will go to a draw and eventhough Australia will miss out on 16 wins in a row at least they will be victors overall. Yes As for the umpiring I like you think it is very bad and some decisions have been way off, but that is something that has to be sorted out internally, as there were bad decisions on both sides. Ponting apart from being a good skipper is not performing with the bat as he should and it takes someone like Symonds to get us out of the mire.

Take care my good friend and come on the Aussies.
Dear Trev,
This actually goes to show what kind of a mind set the Aussies have. Even loosing wickets at regular intervals , they still manage to score more then just a decent score and that it seld deflates the opposition. I feel for this test though - as cricket is a funny game and wickets at time fall like ten pins - there can be only two options - a draw or an Indian win.
Pointing refuses to be Harbajans bunny but yet once again he was Harbajans victam. I think he has this mind set about Harbajan and thats what gets him. His form has been more or less like that of Rahul Dravid. Rahul really pushed himself to the limit to cross the 50 run mark - but that should make him feel much more relaxed and am looking forward to his batting in the second innings. Saurav and Sachin are almost unbeatable at the moment and even the others except those who matter are chipping in (Dhoni etc). The way Dhoni is playing I wonder if he will be retained as the captain for the one dayers. I honestly do not see Australia going for a win keeping well in mind that everyone at the top are firing - Laxman, Rahul, Saurav and Sachin, with our dear friend Harbajan doing his bit. Even the youngster Nishant is doing a good job and is just 19. He will just keep getting better and am sure he will be nutured after his performance down under. He bowled very well and did his cameo with the bat to get Sachin past his 150 mark. Its unfortunate that Sachin ran short of partners or else he was on the path to put up another record of sorts - (averaging 330+) at the SCG is amazing and he has never been dismissed at this venue.
The other factor that the Indians do have in their favor is the pitch which is fast crumbling and if it carries on in the ame way tomorrow - it may just spell doom for the Aussies. Again this is very hypotical as they have already scored a decent amount even after loosing four wickets.If Symonds carries on like he did in the first innings - anything can happen. Lets wait this one out.

The umpiring has been a misery and with Bucknor - its not just this time but this kind of thing has been going on for quite some time. I wonder why the third umpire was called for when Symonds was on 20 and he nicked the ball on Nishants delivery - one where he too claimed (later though) he had done so. Even the Aussie supporters were shocked at the umpiring and in fact thats the reason I was talking about the Aussies playing 15 players against Indias 11. I think its time Steve Buckner called it a day.
I have hardly been sleeping as I find the match more interesting then getting shut eye and though I am tired - I am going to see the matches through.
So, Trev - lets see which flag stays high at the end of this test. I dont have to say come on to the men in blue as they are already doing their bit.
Hi Cricket lovers. Yes i always knew the aussies were cheaters and not many honest ones amongst them. I didnt get to see the Test match but it didnt surprise me to learn about the aussies antics. It should be them who get the ban not Harbajan who is a wonderful cricketer. I fully support the Indians in their suspension of the tour and hope the matter gets resolved.
Hello Russ,
This I think is the first time that all of India has been so united and the Aussies have got it back what they have been doing to every other team in the world and they cannot take it. The umpiring was not umpring at all - as everyone say - it was 14 playing against 11. Pointing is nothing but a cheat and he has the audocity to say that there was no problem that he and kumble could have settled after complaining to the 14th. - Proctor. Its amazing that Proctor choose to accept Pointings & Cos view then that of Sachin Tendulkar who is an absolute legend and is known so well for his fair play and Kumble who has been playing for so many years to take such a stance. I am really happy Sachin convinced the entire India side to rally around Harbajan.
I dont care if Pointing is sacked or not - it is Australias problem as he has already shown what the Aussies are made of and as Akram called the "cry babys".
For all reasons though on paper Australia won the match, India is the side which won in reality and I for one think the Aussies were trashed and now that there are changes - India should turn on the heat. Its just GO INDA!
In spite of any problems with the umpiring, the Indian team managed to get so, so close in Sydney. The best thing they can do now is really turn up the heat in Perth and don't give an inch.
There has been much discussion in the media here about players not walking etc ~ lots of disappointment because it is not the way we like to be percieved, as not playing fair. Sorry everyone!
Bring it on in Perth and lets see a really exciting, professional game.
Love to all
I think it was high time someone stood up and looked at the Aussies in their eyes and gave it to them and I am glad it was the Indians. I really liked what Kumble post match regarding only one side playing in the spirit.
Yes - win but not by cheating which was so blatant for the world to see. Clark ( the pup) was to be the next captain?? Well Pointing was giving him excellent lessons. Symonds needs some education (I wonder if he ever went to school??) We all know about Pointings reputation over the years. If there is one good man in the Aussie side is Gilchrist - even though he stood up for his mates - he is one player who walks when he knows he is out.

I will always mantain - Australia never won the Sydney test - they cheated their way through. Lets see what new games the cheats play in Perth or will they try and get rid of the tag?

(Hope Ananth doesn't mind the mid-bit being edited to keep message on topic of cricket and avoid Bomb Our Zorro does shoot from the hip! Wink )

Hold on Perth - India has come of age. I hope they really go all out and show what happens when the tables are turned as they are at the moment!!!
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I have an idea that the ICC should introduce. Fines for players who are proved to have hit the ball and refuse to walk and every low catch should go straight to the third umpire who has every single camera angle the the Tv coverage has and anyone claiming a catch which is proven to be not out should be fined. Good luck India i will be supprting you all the way.
Dear, Russ, Trev and Dr. Joshi,

First of all I am sorry I went a bit or rather a lot overboard with my feelings on the Sydney match.I am also glad that Dr. Joshi got it in time to edit it as this post would also have become like that mad post I posted.

I just feel that both the captains should agree on scrapping the deal of walking if the player he is out or not. I feel if the two umpires are not able to take a proper decesion- it should be the third umpire to intervene. I have no idea ahy either Bucknor or Benson did not ask the third umpire for those controvetial decesions against Rahul and Ganguly and what they could make out or understand what Harbajjan or Symonds said to each other. Mike Procter needs to get himself examined and be charges all his match feel for the ass he made of himself - by accepting the reasoning of the Aussies and disregarding that of Sachin - who was right next to Bajji when the whole incident took place and is known more then anyone else for his fairplay. I am also glad the whole country stood by the Indian players and I also think the message that Sachin sent to the Board was very fair - drop all the charges of quit the other tests and ODIs' and return home. The ICC had no options and all this time - India would take all that was dished down meekly. Not now and ICC has realised that. It will not just affect the cricket in Australia but will also hurt some players individually in regard to their endorsements. It is really good to see the entire nation rally around the team and praise the loss(or win!).

Now its time for the next test and lets see how the Aussies play, lets see if Hogg is allowed to play and what tricks do the Aussies have up their sleeves now - as they are sleevless. Lets see the results of what every Indian is waiting for - justice in the third test. Lets see if the pack of wolves ( as in the newspapers)become small"pups" or ordinary dogs. Lets see how the Indians- the underdogs shape out in Perth. I am not going to miss even a minute of the match and as every other Indian will - CHAK DE INDIA!!!Love,
Hi! Ananth,
I feel that i need to put my feelings across to the Cricket saga and do so with not much experience in the matter.
My thoughts about the "Sledging" is that I think there should be "fines" placed on players for the type of sledging and this would be easy with all the camera's and microphones that are on and of the Pitch. also the use of the 3rd umpire should be used as they do in the "limited overs games", even though this would slow the game down ( and its slow enough as it is), after awhile the players would stop there screaming and concentrate on the game. Secondly "What has happened to the Gentlemans game of Cricket?" why is it that a player will stand there waiting for the Umpire to give them OUT when they Know they are out, why not just walk. I saw a game in the 70s when John Snow walked when he thought he was out and the umpire told him NO so the next ball he played straight to one of our team members who caught him out, then he walked, after the game they all laughed about it together in the members bar of the Sth Australian Cricket Club Rooms, I saw this as I was a member then and never missed a game.
I must however say I do think Symonds is a fantastic player and should go far, Ponting I reserve my decision as I feel he is too inexperienced to be the Captain, however I think Clarkey would be a better choice.
That is my feelings about the current situation and though I believe that India have been harshly dealt with, I still think that you don't have a hope of winning any of the rest of the Games ( cut my tongue out if I am wrong Roll Eyes), so keep on rooting for your side and I'll Root for mine.
Happy Sledging
Love TREV ( The not so expert Cricket follower )
Hi. Im so so so so so so so so so so so glad that India won the last test against Australia and shut the damn cheats up. Its funny you know that when a batsmen edges he wont walk yet if he edges on his pad and it goes for a run he makes sure that he claims it. A few years ago the ICC brought in The Spirit Of Cricket but it does not mention Walking which i beleive it should. I dont mind being corrected if Im wrong. Like I have said before they should bring a rule where if a batsmen doesnt walk and its proved he hit it he should be then fined and the same for when a fielder claims a catch when it wasnt. I would also do the same for when a bowler consistently bowls front foot no balls say more than 6 an innings?
Dear Russ and Trev,
So finally - India did give a bit of "Gandhigiri" and took the test away at Perth.Gandhigiri is a term they use in India to feel bad for the opponebt and forgive them, hoping they have learnt their lesson. Australia was lucky that they also ( the Indians) withdrew their complaint against Hogg. I feel though the Aussies should do the same as far as Harbajjan is concerned. I understand Pointing was his bunny earlier but now it seems Ishant Sharma the 19 year olod has taken over. Pointing got out in almost the exact way in both innings. One thing I am happy is that this is not the first time that India has stopped the Australian juggernaut and have done it so convincingly with all experts talking about the Perth wicket. Australia had never lost a match at Perth and for India to stop them just went to prove some points, I imagine. Kumble has been a source of inspiration for all - leading right from the front and in fact everyone in the side has been contributing in some way or another - as a close knit team. A unified team that India has become.
I agree with Russ on his points. However, walking is a very debatable word - as what happens if the batsman feels he was not out and holds his ground and does not walk? Will the umpires ask for the third umpire? I feel that for all the real tricky situations like being caught, stumped should be given to the third umpire. I am not talking about the straight forward catches or run outs - but just these kind of situations that can go the wrong way.
So is a batsman, who feels he was not out does not walk - does he qualify for being not with the spirit of the game? In this case - would the umpire refer the same to the third umpire and then pass his judgement. Its not that the batsman has really understood that he is out and holds his ground - I would not blame any of the batsmen on that issue. However, if he does know he is out and still holds his ground as Russ said he must be fined by not playing with the spirit of the game. The fielders too should be honest enough as one will appeal if they think its out. Very often - the wicketkeeper may take a "catch" with the ball having brushed the pads -here I agree its a tough call for both the batsman and the wicketkeeper - so fining would not be a great idea under these circumstances. No Balls are something that noone is doing on purpose. It just means try as hard - the bowler is unable to get his run up correct. If the Captain still continues his faith in the baller why fine him for the no balls? Who is benefitting from the no balls especially if heard early and gets smashed away for a boundry - get five runs as well an extra ball. I think that should be left to the bowler and Captain to decide to what he or they must do. One thing however, is if the bowler constantly bowles and runs on the pitch as a part of his run up - after the first/second warning then the umpire should get tough and either fine the bowler of stop him from bowling for the rest of the innings ( which is supposed to be so but we rarely see it happen).

Finally - I mantain India has beaten all the odds and leaving the Aussies in a bit of a disarray - and the loss with affect them in the last match. Till the DOWN UNDER INDIA IS THUNDER (NOW YOU CAN ADD LIGHTENING AND A GALE).

Trev - You dont have to cut your tongue - you are forgivenSmiler

With lots of love and warm hugs to everyone who enjoys good cricket.
Hi Trev,
All I can say is call back Bucknor and Benson and all will be fine in the Aussie camp. Hayden hopefully will do a Sachin and the others a Sehwag,a Laxman, A Harbajan or a Kumble - which I honestly do not think is possible. I think they (the Aussies) will play for a draw (which again will be moral victory for India). The Aussie fielding today was a misery with so many catches going down. The one good thin was Gilchrist becoming the wicketkeeper for taking highest number of wickets with Kumble as his one up on Boucher. Congrats to him.
So KP won his first test match as captain. I think it was because South Africa won the series so they took their foot of the peddle but a win is a win i suppose. I still think that Vaughan was told to resign as was Collingwood. Jumped before they were pushed. Any comments? We lost the series on the fourth and fifth day of the first test. Thats what i think.

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