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Hi All Cricket Lovers. I never knew there were any cricket lovers on this site. Whilst i was recovering England were doing well so it partly helped in my recovery. Strange it might seem but it did. England have really depressed me lately though. The words i look for i cannot put in as we are totally rubbish since we won the ashes in 2005. We need new blood now as i believe they are past their best. Hope Shane Warne will help. Any other suggestions?
Hope you are all ok.
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Hi Russ

I am a cricket fan and love test cricket and to an extent ODI cricket.Have seen England in India and the Windies but I am a Scotland fan and hope to see them in the World Cup this year if my recevery from treatment is on track

As for the current England set up then they need a massive shake up.Their main problem continues to be arrogance in terms of not taking the ODI of the game seriously and also the selection disasters that kept Panesar and and Adam out the squad

New blood is the answer .Why on earth they have Nixon(36)as Wk keeper I will never know.But I think the current young players in the squad on

PS I still believe that Warne is jesting when he states he will coach England and it may be another ploy by those Aussies to have a spy in the camp for the next ashes in 2009

anyway I am here to talk cricket anytime with you and
all the best Russ

Hi Robert. Im here to talk about cricket too! Good to see England finally win but we made it very hard for ourselves and hope Vaughan gets back playing soon. I was fuming when Giles was picked for the first test instead of Panesar and Jones instead of Read. Where is Stuart Broad? He could do a job for England. Is he injured I wonder. What do you think of 20/20? I think its a great idea. I think Fletcher should go and maybe Buchanan come in? Maybe im in dream land again. All the best to you. Best wishes to you and everyone.
Hi Russ

20/20 is my least favourite form of the game.Good for a summers night but it requires little technique and tact and is purely a batman's game.But its cricket and I will watch it anyway

Tomorrow is a great morning for tv cricket.India vs WI and Aus vs NZ ODI's and the continuation of the SA vs Pakistan test.All on TV.

I think Tim Moody would be the ideal choice for England ,He has played a lot in England and coaches here also

all the best

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Am a hard core fan of Team India and never miss a match. I also very keenly watch all the matches that England plays and this time around I really feel the English did not have any kind of fire power to hold the Aussies. It must be tough on Flintoff taking on a team that is taking a beating. I do hope things get better for both England and India and we have a keen world cup worth watching!!! Anyone want to lay bets??
Hi. I quite fancy India to do well in the world cup. Tendulkar back on form with a super ton the other day and i think Agarkar is a very underrated bowler who can bat a bit. England will fail to qualify and Australia will win again. We English are pretty rubbish at the moment and the words I want to say about us I cannot print. Sri Lanka will do well too. Everyone will do well apart from England who will fail to win a game unless there are drastic changes to the squad.
Hi all you cricket fans,
Yep - some respite for Flintoff and it is as Russs describes absolutely shocking that they managed that one. I, however, pity the Brits as they have tried their level best and loosing in the manner they did is not going to help them much as for their morale and preparation for the WC. On the other hand - yes I agree - team India has finally got the team bang right on. The only weak link who was given and is being given opportunities is Sehwag. He is a guy one cannot write off and I honestly feel after this jolt he is going to come back with a vengence. Lets see what happens in the forthcoming ODIs' with Sri Lanka. The West Indies returned in complete disarray in the final ODI and I have no idea why they benched Chanderpaul who was the only consistent player of the series. The best is yet to come - The complete top order has started firing all cylinders and the bowlers are doing a great job bowling to their strengths of line and length. It def. gives an edge to India who can now go into the matches with with five bowlers and six bats. Sachin has found his form ,Ganguly has returned in style, Irfan has started performing well again and then the great Anil Kumble and the cherry on the top - Dhoni (who is now ranked 4th) has all the makings of a dream team. I without being biased would lay my bets on the Aussies and the Indians moving fast enough and relatively easy in the world cup. I do not think the Brits have the fire power and neither do the Kiwis. The Kiwis have never been considered a threat. Pakistan is one side that is very unrelaiable - on their day there is nothing that can stop them and on others ( which is most of the time) they are at the loosing side. I have no idea why they keep persisting with Afridi and get him to take a break and get some others as India did for a couple of games. Let Afridi decide that he is not in the side just because he is Afridi. Let him learn that he has to earn his place.
I am glad, being an Indian though, that Team India has finally got its combination bang on with Sachin coming lower down the order and the new opener Uttapa is one guy the world will sit and take notice off. He with Saurav in the opening slot, Dravid one down followed by Dhoni and then Sachin will ensure a run chase that will be difficult to match up with. I dont think even the Aussies ( even though they are a pack of wolves!! ) will find India a walk over - the tables may just turn the other way. Irfan has proved time and agin that he is capable of being the all rounder that India sorely missed and the entire tail has the sting to take on any of the sides.
Any comments? I would really love to hear all your comments and especially those on the British team as time is limited and they have to get their act right really fast. Even Vaughn getting back after such a long lay off needs time to find his feet and marshal his troops. I wish them all the best - but have my serious doubts on them being a threat to the better sides of the tournament.
Warm regards to all,

The team that India face next(Sri Lanka) are in my view strong contenders for the title.Normally a poor bowling side they are now backing up Murali with Vass,Malinga and Jayasuria ,all can bowl in ODI's

India are lucky to be in Trinidad,they have many supporters there.As for England then they have little chance.


Did you see my own nation finished second to Kenya in the World Cricket league which gives them automatic qualification for the 20/20 WC to be held in SA in Sept 2007

I am lucky to be going to the WC to see Scotland in St Kitts.I can confidently predict we will not win it!
I think we are all in the same state but am glad that they have given the Aussies something to think about. I really wonder if the Aussies will ever be "the pack of wolves" without McGarth and Warne. The Indian team is having its own problems with each one blaming the other for the SA fiasco. The main arguement is that is Ganguly could be dropped due to lack of form why should Sehwag not when he is def. totally out of sorts. I hope they get the problems get sorted out as soon as possible on the lines the British have started sorting theirs out before the much awaited world cup.
Cheers to all,
Dear Robert,
You are very right about the Indians facing the Lankans. In fact if it had not been for the rain on thursday, Jaysuriya would have hammered the hell out of the Indian bowling. They play the second ODI tomorrow (11th.)and hope they start putting on a better show ( especially since Murali and Vaas have been rested for this ODIs' series, and getting their act together. The British have def. got their show right and I also hope the form continues as it is not much fun to watch a team getting trashed time and again. I am a hard core fan of Team India but appreciate good cricket all around.
All said and done, I would love to travel to the Windies to see the WC but unfortunately I am in no shape to undertake the journey. Have a great time watching Scotland ( which really surprised me when I saw the names of the teams - including Canada!!)
IAM NOW IN A TOTAL STATE OF SHOCK. ENGLAND WON FOUR GAMES ON THE TROT Smiler Wow Yikes Now lets see what happens in the world cup. We wont win it but we now know how to win one day games. Still a long way to go. But its a start. We at least stopped the arrogant aussies in their tracks. I know they are a world class team but they shouldnt be so arrogant and cocky. I respect the way they play on the field but not there attitude off the field like Mr Buchanen when he asked us for a game which they certainly got. Now they know what its like to lose a few games on the trot.

I see India have announced their squad for the WC.Apart from the out of form Sehwag are there any other suprises?

Rahul Dravid (captain), Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar (vice captain), Saurav Ganguly, Yuvraj Singh, Robin Uthappa, Mahendra Dhoni, Dinesh Karthik (both wicket-keepers), Anil Kumble, Harbhajan Singh, Irfan Pathan, Munaf Patel, Zaheer Khan, Santhakumar Sreesanth, Ajit Agarkar.
Hi Robert,
How luck changes hands overnight is quite amazing - the British romping home after giving a lesson or two to the Aussies and the Kiwis doing the same but in more ruthless manner. India has , as I seeit has finally hit the right balance though I am not convinced about Sehwag. Hw could be taken along as he is a useful bowler and a great fielder and then he does score his 30's and 40's. If it was an openers slot the side weren looking at I would opt for Gautham Gambhir whi I feel has got a real raw deal. He has really shown his worth in the Ranji trophy on basis of which the selection for the Indian side is made and can be as destructive as Sehwag. The opening slot could really be a formidable one with Uttapa and Saurav opening the innings, Dravid coming one down, then Sachin for getting a move on with the run rate. This is my feeling - Yuvraj should come in after Sachin and keep the momentum going.Leave the slog overs to either Sachin and Dhoni or yuvraj and Dhoni - this I am convinced will demoralize any team. The fielding too has shown great improvements and we got a glimpse of that against the Windies and as well against the Lankans, who on the first one dayer which was rained off. Jaysuria was hammering the Indians all over the field and truly its the weather Gods who recued India. The other two were really cake walks and not once did I doubt India loosing even if Murali or Vaas were there. The main thing is that the Indians have finally found the right combination and thats taken a massive amount of time and a lot of brickbats for both Dravid and Chappel.
Robert- just one question - what do feel the chances are of UK doing well in the windies or for that matter the Aussies and the Kiwis. The wickets are completely different and from what I saw of the last few matches India played there the pitch were really great and to a large extent would be like an Indian track. I would also like to finish this posting if you feel Munaf Patel really deserves his place in the side. I have always had my reservations about him.

If you or anyone else who are crazy enough about cricket can lay bets a day before any particular match. No money transactions all for Zaheer Khan and would take a chance on Irfan. Ajit Agarkar has been a promising player for a very long time now and thats where it has remained - promising. He was actually an all rounder but I really wonder who gave him that title. The spinners are fine and both Kumble and Harbajan are my choice with Romesh as stand by.
Its just a matter of a couple of weeks and we get underway...... the deciding factor between the Men and the Boys and we know this time it will be battle hard fought keeping the recent victories of the Brits, and the Kiwis over the Aussies and then India getting back into the groove against the Windies and Sri Lanka. matches that recently concluded and surprise, surprise - Man of the series -Saurav Ganguly !!!
England are a different side with Pertersen in the team.They are bound to be confident after the ODI success in Australia.Also Vaughan is a great captain but a poor one day player.On this basis I feel they are one batsman down by playing him instead of Mal Loye.Also taking Nixon the wicket keeper is a big mistake,He is 40 and does not score many runs.Reade would be my choice.

England's weakest area is the bowlers.The West Indies is not a spinners favoured patch and I think Panesar may suffer as a result of this.For example South Africa the new world no1 team are not taking any spinners.

I do not expect England to progress beyond the super 8's.I expect

Sri Lanka(or West Indies)

to progress to the semis
I have bet on Sri Lanka to win and India to get to the final at least .Both at 7/1.

As for me I will be watching Scotland who have no chance Smiler


My cricket tickets arrived yesterday for the WC.I will endeavour to find an internet cafe when over there to give you some updates on the games.
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Dear Robert,
You are one lucky guy to get to watch all the matches at the grounds. Anyway, we mortals will have to do with our television sets and hopefully will serve our purpose. The ides of March are finally here and so is the world cup.I am a hard core fan of the Indian cricket side and this time I can say we have a wonderfully balanced team - a batting line up which I would term as the best in the world - with Saurav and Yuvraj rediscovering their form and hopefully Sehwag pulls out some tricks from his cap. The opening slot has been wonderfully placed as if Sehwag and Ganguly open there could be no stopping them and the same applies for Uttapa and Ganguly. Then you have Dravid coming one down followed by Sachin - who has made up his mind on finishing this world cup on a high note. Down the line is Yuvraj who bats with fantsastic grace and powreful shots. The we have Dhoni coming in with a strike rate of over 100 and if there are enough runs on the boa he will go out be the bowlers nightmare. Even the lower rung have their tails up with Agarkar, who on his day can do things, Irfan Pathan who can really bat at any position and of course Zaheer and Harbajan - who too have have never shied away. I lay my bets on India not just reaching the finals but going all out to win this World Cup as this is the last chance for some of the best players innthe world to get their hands on the coveted cup before they hang up their boots.

Hi Gang. I was really shocked with the news of the untimely death of Bob Woolmer. He was a super coach and a super person. I didnt know him but I nearly met him one year at a coaching conference but i couldnt go. Now they are saying he was murdered!!!!!! I dont know the facts but it is suspicious. Stupid Freddy Flintoff. Lucky not to have been sent home.
Just been to Scotland v Netherlands must say very disappointed with our lads however the World Cup has been put in perspective with the death of Bob Woolmer. I imagine Pakistan and India are in a state of shock after some shock defeats but I think India will still get through. As for South Africa they have got to be the most physically fit cricket side I have seen yet and I really think they will do well. Watching cricket in the West Indies is very relaxing but I must say it's very hot! I am genuinely looking forward to returning home tomorrow and then going to watch Scotland play Georgia in the Euro championships. As for Englands cricket team they seem to have an attitude problem which they will need to get sorted if they are to have a chance. I still think Sri Lanka will win it and India could finish second.

Must go, all the best

Robert and Lorraine
Dear Robert,
Am typinthis after ages since the Indian team got jammed at the wold cup and made their infamous exit. That had left me in a state of shock like billions of Indians and you should have seen the the way the players came back to India - in hiding, will you beleive that??? Then the next on the list is Pakistan - they have one too many problems in the side and mostly personal. The British too being a good side I think were creating their own problems and I for one am glad the Vaughn has decided to step down from the captiancy.The real match that may have made a difference in the finals were the semis between the South Africans and the Aussies. I just cannot imagine what happend to S.Africa - they just got blown away. The finals between Sri Lanka and the Aussies would have been really close if the weather had not played a spoilsport and the Lankans I feel were short changed.
Anyway, the "revenge" tour to Bangladesh ( can you believe they are calling it that???) starts in another four days and I really have not figured out what the Indian selectors are trying to prove - They claim to have "rested" Sachin and Ganguly - but noone even beleives them for a minute. The mystery is Sehwag - I just do not understand how Dravid can keep having faith in him and the chances he has been given - the same should have been given to the rest of the players also - Irfan Phatan, Harbajan Singh and so many more. Lets see if they come back with their tails between their legs from Bangldesh as that will be the final nail in their coffins.
Take care,

Its important for India to beat Bangladesh and do it well.Your neighbours are a much improved side but I think the Indians will mean business this time.No complacency,no inflated egos.I have yet to see a name for the new Indian head coach?

Anyway India are touring England later this year and I hope to get along to see them.Test cricket is my preferred form of cricket

All the best to your countrymen and all the best wishes to yourself
Dear Robert,
The Bangladeshis are a very upcoming lot. They have taken time right down there and its time they rose to world standards. I hope that their show their confidence against our Men in Blue and have some real finishes. However, hopefully India will win - nothing seems the same after the show at the world cup. There are new names in the squad and you must have read that Sachin and Ganguly have been "rested" for the one dayers and will play only the tests. I really wonder what "rested" means. Another amazing, mind boggling was the inclusion of Sehwag in the side but Dravid seems to show a lot of confidence in him and guess what as Dravid got injured ( got his nose hit ) at net practise - Sehwag , who to everyones surprise is even in the team will most probably captain the team at the first one dayer against Bangladseh. Lets see that the future hold for us.
England has also been a wavery lot and it seems they depend on luck more then confidence. One thing Robert - did you ever expect them retain the ashes against the Aussies? The upcoming tour of India to your shores will be fun to watch - I am not going to miss a single match, even if it means no sleep ( the time difference).
And honestly cricket at the end of the day is cricket - either you love it or hate it. As I said - I am passionate about it - be it a one days or a test match I also wonder who the new coach will be as there seems to be lot of he-haws going on about the same. Well for the stop gap - they have put Ravi Shastri to carry out the duties and if he does well, I would not be surprised if he is retained as the coach for the forthcoming tours.
I think they really need luck - thanks a lot and take care,
Hi Robert,
I was also watching the match its great that India won but there are still of things to worry about. Sehwag is more of a liability to the side now and most Indians feel he is a hinderance to other players who should be tested ( Eg, Robin Uttapa ). These youngsters have been chosen for the tour and are just warming the benches.
Yep, I agree that Dhoni is making his presence really felt (making 91 the last time without a six???? Smiler). Kartick too is not too bad and has three advantages - he is a good bat, an excellent fielder and also the back up wicket keeper. All said and done - the Bangladeshis are making an impact and the Indians are still not too sure of themselves and they will have to sort out all their differences really fast before the other outings begin.
I am really looking forward to the England tour - thats is going to be very interesting as both sides have something to prove.
what say?

I watched the England vs West Indies game today.Sarwan and Chandrepaul were superb.Do you think these players would get in the India side?
India appear to be well on top in the test weather permitting.

I think India will do well in England.The conditions will suit their bowlers especially Sreesanth.As for the batsmen then your guys have experience in English county conditions.I think it will be a drawn series.
Hi Robert,
I have a feeling the Indian side is jinxed as far as the weather is concerned. The world cup was rain and now with the test matches its rain once again. The match was washed out today. The redeeming factor was that the Indian batsmen seem to be getting back into their groove and finding their touch. It was heartening to see Sachin and Saurav get their centuries and Dravid as usual played his role as "the wall". Kartick was a doubtful for the match as he it seems he is a better keeper then Dhoni but the one dayers put a bit of a spoke into the team selection with Dhoni getting the Man of the Series. Kartick has also shown his mettle as an opener with a good fifty. A new weaphon to the Indian fielding is a youngster just turned 18, who I understand is one heck of a pacer. He has been flown in place of patel - who I do not think will last too long in the business as he spends more time with injuries then on the field. All in all - I think India are regaining their confidence and this will def. help them with the upcoming series against England.
England too have revived a lot and are doing a great job - the Indian series will be very interesting - which will mean I get to sleep late and wake up late as the matches will start at about I pm our time.
Its really crazy as to what I can tune onto as there are matches going on all over the world and I do not want to miss out on any of them. It would be great though if I could get your views on the strengths of the England side and what do you thin the outcome of the England - Indian series will turn out as. The west Indies meanwhile are slowly but sure finding their feet and will be soon a force to reckon with. Pakistan will have to do a lot of hard work with all the inhouse politics they have going on.
Oh - how I love this game!!!!! Smiler Smiler Smiler
Hi all you Cricket lovers,
It seems rain is playing a spolisport in the India/Bangladesh Test series but at the same time I think the Lankans are getting a trashing that they never really expected after the world cup - against the Pakistanis and the English are having a ball making life hell for the Windies. How the fortunes change so fast - amazing its'nt it?

The weather forecast England is poor again.It is likely that days 3 -5 will be badly affected by rain.

India are piling on the runs in Dhaka but they need to watch the weather also.

Ananth ,I watch a TV channel called NDTV.I think ND stands for New Dheli.The other day they had a feature on soccer and how popular it is becoming
Dear Robert,
First of all, I am quite sure that the Indian side must have recovered a lot of confidence with hitting the daylights out of Bangladesh and all the top four Bats scoring their hundreds ( a new record ). Even though its against Bangladesh, they are slowly turning out to be a good team and the team is full of youngsters who show a great amount of promise. Now that things are more of less in place the forthcoming series are going to be interesting as I am quite sure all the players will be raring to go.I undetstand they have taken on Whatamore, the Bangldesh coach for a year but in all I think Ravi Shahstri has done a great job.
We have two main channels purely for news in English ( Indian channels - we also have BBC and CNN ). They are very good and some of the topics they discuss are really worth watching. I feature pretty often on debates on this channel. They have a segment only on sports and it just does not cover cricket but football or soccer with as much enthu. as cricket. The younger genertaion are crazy about the football being played in Endland and other countries and they do lay bets on the odds. Almost all the matches are shown live and though the Indian football side sucks - the interest in the game is overwhelming. You will be surprised in West Bengal, Calcutta in particular they are so crazy about the game that if the side (say Liverpool) looses a match it is chaos with the crown hurling stones at passin cars, fights breaking out and its a full pitched battle.
The Government has downgraded Hockey to be a normal sport and no longer the National sport. Its cricket all the way.
I am not sure if you get ESPN/ Star Sports/ Neo or Sony which give us the live telecasts of all the matches be it cricket or football.
It seems Vaughn has finally found his form and hope it continues and if Fredie continues what he was when he started off it is going to be a world beating side (I forgot to mention Kevin). I honestly think its time the pack of wolves ( the Aussies ) are disbanded by some good cricket and get them off their high horse. There are countries that can do it - its the mid set that lets them down. At this moment I think England and India are the sides to contend with. Sri Lanka seems to be sinking and the Widies getting better all the time.
I am really looking forward to the cricket - a lot of it - that is due to be played in the coming months.
Warm regards,
Hi Gang. It was great to see my county Durham winning the Friends provident trophy. I think it proves that Durham are definately on the way up and one player i feel has done enough to earn a tour either in the full squad or academy or an a tour. Phil Mustard. I think that game proves how once Pietersen got into the England team he doesnt give 100% for Hampshire. Any thoughts?
Hi Russ,
Good to have you on. I can only comment on the 3 ODI and can only say that England deserved the victory. I do not understand why Rahul opted to bat second on a great track and especially if he knew he was going to field two spinners. I think India would be better off if they did what they did ( win by a whisker! ) by batting first. However, I also feel that had Sachin and Kartick fired as Sachin has been doing so regularly of late the target would not have seemed so far. Saurav and Dravid are class but then the two cannot win all the matches on their own. If one is going in with five of some of the greatest batsmen - you would expect at least four to fire. Unfortunately - both Sachin and Kartick did not and crazily enough the rest actually gifted their wickets. But well done England!
Collingwood has become a captain who has earned the respect of his mates and one can clearly see that with all the efforts each one of them contributes - with the bat/ball or fielding. However, I also feel at the same time he and Bell are the main stay of the line up. Piterson has not been able to cope with the Indian attack and its surprising how he gets out - waiting for the ball to turn but unfortunately it just comes on. He must be feeling pretty miserable.
Lets see how the fourth goes with England now leading with 2 to 1. I have a feeling Sachin is not going to take to his getting out the last time too nicely and may just decide to cut open and if the three bat the way they did in the second ODI - I do not think England will stand much of a chance.
Monty - our dear friend. I liked the way he actually told Ganguly in hindi " Please dont hit me around too much as I am like a child to you all". It was funny but very predictably he cannot be a match winner against India or Pakistan. He has got to pull his socks up and get some more batting and fielding practise under his belt. The team cannot rely just on his bowling. However, there is no doubt he has that in built thing of being one of the best spinners and I do hope he does become one.

Lets see what happens in the next ODI. Its going to more then just interesting!
Take care and a big bear hug to you and all reeading this post.

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