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It is 13 and a half years (approx) since I finished my RT.
About 2 years ago I started getting the odd painful cramp/muscle spasm under my jaw.( especially when following exercise in the gym.

Now it occurs on a regular basis for longer periods and it is very painful. Even a yawn can set off a very painful spasm - I can't talk and it can take a little while for it to ease.
What has the RT done to me? Is there anything that can be done to help me (and others like me) who have to suffer like this.

cheers - Tony K
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Hello Tony

It sounds like you are having myofacial pain . You are probably tensing up the face muscles during exercise in the gym and so suffering the consequences. Keeping the teeth apart helps avoid clenching/tensing the facial muscles. For relief, try applying warm compresses to the tense muscle. For some, an ice pack helps. Gentle massage of the area also helps. Awareness of the activity helps prevent it recurring.

Best wishes
Thanks for the advice Dr.Joshi. I don't push myself as hard in the gym so much now so it's not as big a problem there.

It's the yawning which seems to set if off more now. I can put up with the pain/discomfort - but I do worry that it maybe a precursor to further RT related damage occuring in that region.

Narrowed blood vessels in the neck going to the brain etc - some type of stenosis problem. Tinnitus is pretty bad too - I can bear it all as long as it doesn't get much worse.
It's an inconvenience - not a disability to me.
I like to get things off my chest tho (from time to time!)

cheers tony k

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