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Use this community album to tell us about whatever gives you support, your family, your friends, nursing staff, pets, plants, etc. Tell us a bit about them. Any registered user can add photos here. Do have a look at everybody else's photos...and leave them a comment to let them know what you think.

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Thanks Dr. Joshi!
Trev... Great Hair! Smiler
Pauline... That's some major marks you have there. I wish i'd let people near me with a camera when i was at my worst now. Notice my poorly ones were taken when i was out cold! I wish i'd kept a photo diary now so i could show how things have come on- from 9stone 10lb to 6stone 10lb & the baldy hair!
Hi Chelle
Great to see the pics of you and your man. You look great. I know we all have our own image of ourselves though and no matter what anyone says about our appearance, we KNOW the REAL me, how we like to look. Keep smiling, you're gorgeous.
Hi Pauline
I have read right through your diaries and really couldn't see much in the way of the spider veins that are such a concern for you however this pic shows them up. Like you say, a small price to pay and obviously the methods you are using to conceal them really work well. You may not be as young as Chelle, Pauline but you too are a very attractive woman. Go girl!
Re Trevor's 'hair'.
It has been such a hoot! So much laughter has resulted from him wearing his 'wig'. I made it up as I knitted and of course now he wants an assortment of colours.
We had a great laugh when the oncologist told Trevor that the cisplatin wouldn't cause hair loss ~ all this AFTER Trevor shaved his head to save the falling hair mess. Laughter is great medicine.
I take my hat (if not my hair!) off to you all.

The Cisplatin does cause some hair loss. Not all of your hair, just about 25% of it, all over. So Your hair gets really thin, and it's very strange when it starts to grow back. I looked like Bart Simpson for a while. My hair is jaw length now, and I've had strange layers for the last 18 months as the hair that fell out has been growing back.
Nice Pics Dave & Sue!

As Jenni said, i too lost some hair with Cisplatin, i'd say about 30% of mine, all over. & then i lost from the ears down with R/T. As you can see my hair before was long, thick and curly. So i blocked the plug hole many times!
I'm too scared to "do a kylie" & get it cut the same legnth all over. So it looks like i've had an undercut! short at the back underneath, long and stragly over the rest. With like a thick dense undercoat, like a sheep dog or something! I'm hoping to get a 'proper' hair cut at christmas.
The new hair is an even tighter curl than i had before. So i'm hoping as it gets longer it'll pull it down. Or else i'm going for an afro!
Seeing Robert's gunge on his neck brought back memories. I think the smell in particular of feeling one was going off so to speak was one of the worst aspects that I recall. No fun feeling you are decaying! I don't think the general public have a clue what radiation treatment does to people.

Just wondering what yarn was used to knit Trev's cap. Fun idea. You should put up the pattern. I think humour is one way some people deal with this best.
I'm not sure what yarn I used for Trevor's 'wig', Pauline, some fluffy thing. He has selected some more colours and that yarn is called Moda Vera Jazz. It seems to be packaged up for a craft store we have down here, they are nation wide so I guess the yarn is just something generic, packaged differently for different outlets.
I hope to get another wig knitted up over the weekend and I will do a pattern as I go because there has been a huge response to it from a craft site my niece belongs to. Could this be my moment of fame?????
Robert, that neck is a beauty! Look at you now though ~ not a sign of anything.
What you people have all been through is horrendous and you are right Pauline, unless faced with the effects of radiation, one can have no idea what it entails.
All I knew about it was that chemo always sounded like the 'better' option just by the different stories you hear about the radiation. Having said that though, I just thought it gave you bad sunburn and could be detrimental to bone. One thing is for sure, I'd love to travel in time and be two months down the track so that Trevor didn't have it ahead of him.
Jenni and Chelle,
Thanks for the 'warning' about the hair. I think it was pretty empowering for Trevor to shave his head. Our son had cancer and he had cisplatin and adriamycin and his hair was all gone within a couple of weeks of the first dose. Pretty powerful stuff.
Chelle maybe you should step out of the circle and have a totally new look and then work your way back to your favoured 'do'. That way, perhaps you'll have more even growth.
Hello to all,
I am feeling left out in the cold - will tell me how S**y I am!!!!!.
The snaps that are posted ( the last two ) are excatly what I look like now, the bike is excatly how she looks now , the earler photo is how misreable I was and then one before that was my outing to the Mercedes Benz party as I was leaving ( the one with the tie).

All my love to everyone as always,

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