Hi Garance, No easy answer. Eat easy soft foods, sip liquids with a straw, put baby foods in a small lunch container. If eating out order mashed potatoes, jello, puddings & ice cream. Ensure and Carnation Instant breakfast are fotified and will hold you til you are home. Keep or order extra napkins and carry a product in foil packets we call wet wipes.
Garance these are good tips from Cat. It really is an ordeal isn't it! I can add that Lindt creamy milk chocolate is very fine and if you put it in mircrowave for a few seconds--12--ut will pour4 over icecream festively.
There are slops and slops. They look more appetising with a bit of turmeric added and are then very good for your throat. It hs just been confirmed as a good cancer precentor and aide.
Regards Ishbel.
Can't we have the jazz without Christmas! Don't mean that really but I have a dread of people fussing and jepardising their enjoyment. I.
SmilerProblem for me is that most things are very painful, chocolate hurts like hell, Ensure, makes me feel sick, bored with porridge and rice pudding, a sausage, pain was terrible, seem to live on courgettes in omlettes, or soups, bored bored bored. Thanks for the tips on wet wipes etc, never eat out as teeth play up, and have to twush loads of water as food gets stuck in odd places, well you all know what I am talking about. Soapbox
Hmmm it will be hard as your treatment is still recent. Try trifle made with sherry or jelly but no fruit or use a tin of very finely chopped fruit cocktail that you chop a bit more yourself. Add a layer of ground almonds for nutrition and then an egg/cream enriched custard and more cream on top.

Cheescake may be passable. Lemon flavours are good for me.

Try fluids like coca cola and elderberry flower water or use the elderberry cordial with tonic water on it as drinks to flush food down for a change from water.

For the odd XMAS only tipple try Baileys irish cream liquer. I just buy 4 of those minatures and they last the whole of Xmas/New year and that's it for another year! But half of one can make you feel quite normal. By the second half the taste has gone.

Re sausages - the more processed and plastic like it is, the better - like those in tins and in cheap hot dogs. Really meaty ones like organic ones are agony as they are too much meat and not enough pulverisation in them.

Creamy soft Pavlova usually goes down. Also I was able to eat vegetable samosas early on and jaffa cakes dipped in tea with the chocloate scraped off - too dark and bitter.

Milk chocolate is only now ok 2 years on and then Galxay is the best - it does not stick as much as other brands. Turkish delight (all types) can be edible too. Smoked salmon/cream cheese canapes or mousse may go down.

Try pancakes made very very thin cooked in lots of butter filled with cooked apple or lemon. In the main forget meat apart from Brains frozen faggots.

Today I ate half a plate of fish and chips for the first time out in Beatties when shopping. I saw it, fancied it, so bought it. As I said only ate one third to half of it which really thrilled me. I had 2 pots of tea and drank a total of 5 cups of tea with it to get that small amount down. We all know that after eating you need a check cup of fluid just to ensure that everything was flushed right down.

Taste wise it was nothing like before, but much better than 2 years ago. So time does help.

I found it very upsetting seeing people in supermarkets with trolleys piled high last year. Gluttons now disgust me.

And yes Garance we do know what you are talking about. Personally I would avoid poultry like the plague. It's hard and chewy and cardboard like evn now for me. The first poultry that is manageable is duck which being greasy does seem less dry. A SMALL slice of fatty pork with a few veg that are frankly overcooked and so very soft and watery will be more successful than chicken ever could be. The least attractive potato to me is mashed and the best is either baked and less denatured and less glue like or sliced in cream.

Another item that may go down is mashed potato and a slice of corned beef.

Have you tried milky bar tubs? Yoghurt drinks?

I still find buffet situations the best as there is usually soemthing that suits. On Saturday night I had 2 curried egg halves and they were a wonderful change. Unfortunately I fell and hit my head and have a massive black eye and bruising all down one side of my face. As i was in the ambulance I thought of Vinod's friend and just hoped I'd live to see another day.

So that has taken my mind off food for Xmas...

You know on days when I feel unwell even now I go back to rice pud.
Looking back on the year gone by. I am so thankful to all of you for being there for me. Listening to me, talking to me, caring about me and sharing your lives with me. I am truly blessed to have you be a part of me life. Though I will never met any of you face to face, you are closer to me than people that are. I really don't know what I would have done without some of you holding my hand and walking with me down this dark and cruel road. Having your freindship is the BEST Christmas gift of all.......HAPPY HOLIDAYS,,,Vicki Lynn
SmilerHello Pauline thanks for the tips, I will give some of them a try, the faggots sound interesting; chocolate even milk which I loath, I cannot stand the pain in the roof of my mouth, yogurt too acid, carnation milk I hate as with custard, and any form of gravy.everything appears to be acid or very very salty. I get on well with fish, well I will try some of your ideas, did you see the recipe I put on for the courgett soup ?

Happy Christmas, There will be no sin of Gluttony Here Wink

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