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Dear Colleagues ,

Here is your chance to contribute to the control of the smokeless tobacco menace in India. Your SMSes and Emails are our new tools to fight the powerful tobacco industry. This is the new age war on tobacco and YOU are our soldier. Don't miss the opportunity to express your anguish with the unabated growth of gutka, pan masala etc which has unleashed unprecedented toll of death and misery in current Indian society.

This camapign is a joint effort by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) and the World Lung Foundation(WLF).

Log on to ChewOnThis and join the effort that will eventually save a young Indian from dying prematurely

Please email the attached link to your colleagues and add this webpage ( ) to your facebook likes, requesting others in your network to pass it on to at least 5 others.

Our aim is to reach millions in the next 4 weeks with this message, making it the largest SMS & Facebook smokeless tobacco campaign till date.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

thanks and regards,

S h e f a l i G u p t a
Communications Manager
New Delhi, INDIA
t: 91.9811 4499 15
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