I love the site, but lately it seems we've been inundated with adverts for (among other things) cheap shoes, knock-off perfume, and jewelry of dubious quality. Now we've got folks trying to get us to download movies (most likely) illegally. Whoever they are, wherever they are, they're making our beloved site look like "wannabEbay". It's annoying and embarrassing.

Can't they be stopped?


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These bow-legged sons of mothers who've been hijacking the site lately have just gone TOO FAR. Some whelp by the name of efronja posted an 'upload this movie' message on a thread started by mom of two boys' brother.

Isn't there some way we can get rid of these [expletives deleted]?
I also agree, couldn't believe it when I came back on site after a few months away. We all worked so hard to get this Forum to what it was. Where are all all these people coming from ? They are the lowest of the low. I would say to them, go peddle your wares somewhere else, not on a site for Oral Cancer sufferers. Fran

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