I had a biopsy done and they removed a lesion on my tongue. The biopsy came back non-cancerous but I am concerned that it could be wrong. I am young and do not smoke but stranger things have happened. Occasionally I will see a small white patch near where the lesion was but the white patch now seems to come and go. I'm just a little worried.
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i would not worry too much about this hon,i know its easy for me to say that,but medical technology has come a long way and very few mistakes are made,when a mistake is made its gets into the national press and a big deal is made of it.if i were you i would relax now about it.take care love shirl xxx
Hello Ang

The biopsy was negative, so that's good news. Just be sure that you aren't rubbing the area against teeth subconsciously as people might do when clenching or as a habit. That could cause a whiteness (like a callus on the palms of a hand) that could come and go. Meanwhile relax! If you get a growth in the area or ulceration or thickening, just see your dentist/doctor again to check it out.

Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
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