Five weeks ago I got a small bump, about 3 mm long, on the hard part of the roof of my mouth. It keeps getting bigger and smaller all the time, even during the period of one day. Eating food normally makes it bigger. But sometimes when I'm eating food it seems to burst and it goes completely flat. When it goes flat it takes from between 24-48 hours before the bump starts to become noticeable again.

Yesterday a new bump developed about 5-10 mm away from the original one. It also got bigger after eating. Anyone know what they might be? Might it be cancer? Will book an appointment with the doctor next week.
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Hello Ian

It is best to see someone who routinely looks into the mouth. So, You might be better off seeing your dentist. Otherwise, ask your doctor to refer you to the local hospital's maxillofacial department for a proper diagnosis.

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Unfortunately I haven't lived in this area long and am not registered with a dentist. So doctor it will have to be.

Looking on the net they seem to be mucoceles. I read that applying alum might be beneficial, so I bought some and applied Saturday. Dabbed my thumb in the alum and held it to the mucocele or whatever it is. Did this every 3 hours holding my thumb in place for 10 mins at a time.

But, I'm not sure this might not have irritated the whole of the roof of my mouth. The roof of my mouth to the side of the cyst seemed to swell up a bit a couple of times, but then went down after 5 mins, but don't know if that had anything to do with the alum and can't remember if this occurred shortly after applying the alum.

But I'm just wondering if this alum might have somehow precipitated the 2nd cyst/mucocele or whatever it is?

I'll mention all this to the doc when I see him.

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