Hello, I am a 19 year old male. I just got over having the flu about 2 weeks ago, after catching it from my parents. I recently noticed a small bump on the back of my head, kind of behind my right ear a few inches. Then my throat started getting sore later on that day. I noticed my right tonsil is sticking out just a tiny tiny bit more than my left one, and then I noticed a small bump in the back of my throat behind my uvula. The bump is about the size of a pea in length, although it only sticks out maybe 5 millimeters, it is flesh colored. I don't drink, smoke, chew, or anything else of that nature. I'm very scared and I plan on going to the doctor soon, but I don't know what to expect.
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I went to the GP a few days after posting the message above. He said the bump in the back he figured was something called "Walldire's" something or another, I can't remember the name exactly.

He prescribed me Keflex for two weeks because he thought it could be a staph infection. He said if it was an infection the bump should disappear in a week, if it's a virus then in two weeks. It's been a week and a half now and it's still there.

The bump (lymph node) on the back of my neck HAS gone back to normal and is not swollen, but my right tonsil is STILL swollen a little bit, and like I said the bump behind my uvula IS there too and looks the same.

Please, has anyone ever had similar symptoms?! I'm going to follow up with my GP if it doesn't go away by Tuesday... I'm so confused and scared right now! Frowner
hi tom
i have read your 2 posts and sorry that i cant give you any advice,hopefully someone will come along and be able to answer your queries for you.of course you are scared who wouldn't be.just to let you know that i am thinking of you and wishing you a good outcome.love shirl xxx
Hi Tom,

Can't be of too much help but did look up 'Walldire' and after some messing around got this - Waldeyer's Ring. Do a google on it and there's all sorts of info, mostly unintelliglble to we mere earthlings. There's enough there to keep you confused and anxious. The board's resident physician, Dr. Joshi, is on vacation right now but usually checks in at odd hours to answer a few questions.

Best of luck - let us know what the doc says on Tuesday.

Thank you both for the comforting messages, I really appreciate them. I know the odds of cancer or anything very serious are, for the most part, in my favor. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that my GP wasn't too concerned about it, he either isn't too concerned about it being serious, or he doesn't know his stuff.

I don't really exhibit any other symptoms other than the small bump thing and swollen tonsil. Like I said, the swollen lymph node returned to normal, and otherwise I feel fine (no bleeding, no trouble swallowing or breathing, etc.) I'm also a "nose breather" as opposed to a "mouth breather", except for when I'm sleeping. I do have allergies in the spring and summer.

Still though, I'm kind of worried and want to know if anyone else has had anything similar. I will keep everyone up to date, thanks again for the kind messages and prayers, I really appreciate them. I'm praying to God that this is nothing serious, if it's not I'm bringing all of my friends out to dinner and it will be all on me.
Hello Tom19

It appears that your doc thinks you have a throat infection with a reaction from the related lymph nodes and so prescribed you antibiotics. Waldeyer's tonsillar ring is an anatomical term describing the lymphoid tissue ring located in the pharynx, thought to be a barrier to infection. The ring consists of:
  • Adenoids (also termed pharyngeal tonsils)
  • Tubal tonsils
  • Palatine tonsils (more commonly termed "the tonsils"
  • Lingual tonsils

See your doctor again if it doesn't improve after your course of antibiotics. Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Did it clear up or did you have to make another appointment?

If nothing proves to be serious you're going to have a heck of a time taking all of us out to dinner: Shirl's in Gosport, I'm in Sacramento and Dr. Joshi was in Indonesia last time he mentioned where he was in his vacation trek. Good luck with that.

Take care - let us know how you're doing.

Hey everyone, I went to my GP again, but didn't really get anywhere. He looked at my 'swollen' right tonsil, and he said in his opinion it isn't really swollen very much. He said it's a ".5 out of a 4", with 4 being extremely swollen. He didn't really seem to think the abscess behind my uvula was very unusual, and that the slightly swollen lymph node is probably from a small infection. He mentioned Waldeyer's Ring again, and said that's the area where this is all taking place. He said if it was cancer or something, my tonsils would be acting up and they'd be really swollen. Then he told me I probably have anxiety because he doesn't think this is very serious at all.

I don't know if I should get a second opinion or what. It costs me $70 every time I have to go see the doctor, and he is positive I don't have anything serious in the first place (which I certainly hope is correct). Bah..

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