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Luckily it's not me that's asking for an opinion this time. I'm doing it for my mate. I've talked to him about my salivary gland problems and it turns out that he also has an oral problem.

He made an appointment with the dentist based on my advice but it's not until after the new year. I just wanted to describe what is going on in his mouth so you can please tell me an opinion whether it is too late to wait until after the new year!

He has a lump inside the floor of his mouth, it's completely inside, nothing can be seen from outside on mucosa. It's in the floor of the mouth behind lower front teeth, on the left side, it's not attached to gums. It's feels oval, rather hard, around 1 cm long and maybe half centimeter wide.

I've felt it under my finger (it can only be felt from inside of mouth, not under the chin) and it's definitely movable and seems rather well defined. It might be connected on one side though with the fleshy bits. I seem to have the same thing in my mouth, on both sides but they're a lot smaller, they're like in a chain with other similar lumpish things.

My guess is lymph node or salivary gland and by what I've learned, if it movable there is low possibility it's cancer but nevertheless I've told him not to worry and to be vigilant. His dentists wasn't worried over the phone. Since it's movable he said it's probably some cyst or something else.

As far as he knows he had it for 2-3 months (he noticed it by accident) and in that time he says it didn't hurt him nor grew (to his knowledge).

So what could that be? Any opinions?

Thanks for everything!
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Sorry for bothering again but I'm asking once again for the piece of my mates mind.

Does anyone have any idea what could his problem be?

He tried to get an earlier apointment but his dentist said once again that if it's movable, it is definitely nothing serious and that it can wait another 15 days. Does that make any sense?

I'll try to get my mate to see my dentist who is rather more thoughtful but until then I would really appreciate some of your thoughts.

All the best health in the new year!
well, i already feel rather stupid talking to myself but here is what was said to my mate after he visit the dentist. hopefully, it'll help to someone passing along in the future.

anyway, it turned out that after my mate followed it for few days that his lump was changing size almost daily, sometimes growing up and becoming really hard, and then on other days becoming smaller and softer.

after he explained this to a dentist, and after the dentist had a poke around, he was told that its probably only a stone in sublingual gland since cancer doesn't move freely about and doesn't change size to smaller, only to bigger.

after that he was told that since he doesn't have any pain whatsoever that he just keeps an eye on it and come back if it starts to grow and/or hurt. needless to say my mate was rather relieved.

does this make sense? can gland enlarged from stone really be hard?

Our dealing with a very small canker that would come and go has turned into a horrific cancer ordeal. We are healing now, but please get a biopsy.

Head and neck cancers are sneaky and lethal if left to long.

2 dentists said it was nothing, a 3rd requested a biopsy. Don't delay!
Hello my name is norma, im 56 and female. i found a hard lump in lower jaw behind teeth on left side, approx 4mths ago. since then ive had two prescriptions fo anti/biotics and the meds i have finished yesterday was 1000mg penecillen to be taken 4 times daily. i was given them for an unrelated matter, even so the lump is still there and beginning to hurt both inside mouth and the jaw line. im not the bravest where dentistry is concerned and was thinking of seeing doctor instead. does this sound like a cancer also my glands in neck are slightly enlarged for sometime
can you put my mind at ease or give some advice thankyou norma
Helllo shuffle

It is not possible to made a diagnosis over the Internet. Please see your dentist who might be able to assess the lump. It might be a normal boney swelling called a mandibular torus (hence no response to the incidental antibiotics).

Best wishes
Holey hell im scared now. Ive had a lump inside the lower side of my jaw, on the inside. When i was a child, the "dentist" (he was bad at his job) told me it was regular for the bulges to come out, EVEN THOUGH VERY LARGE, and that if the other one on the opposing side were to not come out, then it would be concerning. So now im 22, and just last year, and this year, ive asked several doctors, and they just think its a gland issue. . . I used to have soars in my mouth as a child lots, and it dosnt move... it has gotten larger and smaller, but only slightly, and it is large enough to take up space and make my tounge set irregularly. My great aunt has been riddled with cancer several times, but beating it lots, and my brother has lost his man parts to cancer. DO U THINK I HAVE CANCER???? i have lots of other health ups and downs for my age, and am always struggling. UH i wish there were good doctors around here
I just discovered a strange growth on the floor of my mouth, right behind my front teeth. I figured, that it was the beginning of some blisters, as I've been sick, recently. When I examined the lump in the mirror, I became concerned because it is about one and a half inches long, nearly 3/4" tall, and very narrow, with a white ridge all along the top. I will definitely be seeing a Doctor or Dentist tomorrow!
Wow, I just read your follow up message. I too had what I felt like a wisdom tooth coming in the back of my jaw. ( Which is really weird because I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 18, in 1982! I also had a bad experience at the Dentists Office. My Dentist was great, but I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, and woke up fighting! ) Ok, so back to this lump, I thought maybe I was having a second set of wisdom teeth coming in, so I went to the Dentist. ( My first visit since 1982, this was in 2000!) The reaction I got when the Dentist looked in my mouth, was not very reassuring. He said "Oh, I've never seen anything like that before!" He assured me that it wasn't another wisdom tooth! Needless to say I wasn't instilled with much confidence, but I let him do an X-Ray. It turned out it was a piece of broken jawbone. He scheduled surgery, but before the appointment, with a little coaxing from me I was able to remove the bone. I did have to get some antibiotics, because my jaw had gotten all nasty and pussy. I did get a good teeth cleaning out of it, and no cavities, but was scolded for waiting 18 years between checkups! (And I didn't, because, when I see the Dentist this week, it will have only been 13 years! LOL)
Wondering what ever happened to the original posters friend as what h describes sounds very similar to me. I'd had my lump 4 years, dentists thought it could be a stone in the sublingual salivary gland. But did also think that it should be checked ( phew) It did move about when prodded. Sometimes it felt sore. It did turn out to be cancerous. Post surgery and radiotherapy now and things are going well.

Visit a specialist!

3 years ago I had exactly the same. A point of a pen big little moveable ball but limited in range. At the root of my thoot on the inside. Then a year later it became soft and fixed. 18 months laters I get 2 of those moveable but with less range encapsulated tumors. Then 24 months later i get a hard fixed bump on left the roof of my mouth at the end where the soft palate begins and another one right more deeper...

U can definitly see white changes inside the flesh of the palate that indicates tumor growth...

Now 3 years later since the lump first appeared i have litle ulcers and changes on my upper lip. Also my uvula always hurts. My tonsils are also for 3 years now, aswell as mild neckpain and a very little swollen neck. U cant really see it but it always feels sore..


The asymptomatic pain is so challanging to discribe. The bumps feel smaller somethimes. But I can feel pain to my ear and forehead.

Tumors of the minor salivary glands are really nasty...

I visited to NTE specialists but they say its nothing... I'm to young (24) and smoker so they dont think it is something serious...

Also my dentists which I visit every year said its nothing... But boy then it went fast and I still need it fixed. I'm going to a professor soon ...

I think it is a adenoid cystic carcinoma.

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