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Hi everyone
Got a message from a message board reader that she can't post any messages. Everytime she tries, she gets an error as if she didn't fill in the message field. She's using Windows XP with MSN browser. Has anyone else experienced any problems? ...well, if not (because obviously you can post a reply!) then what operating system and browser are you using?
All the best, krishan Blockhead Sigh
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The reader is called Nancy.

Nancy wanted to say:
hi! I just registered. I am my friend ray's caregiver. I go to his place every day and make him shakes and keep him company. I'm having trouble getting anything to post. keeps telling me that MESSAGE_BOARD? must be used or something.

help! I'm interested in talking to you--to get and give tips...

I tried to post a message to the general board, then to reply to someone, then to introduce myself, then to reply to tom (last new message to you), and now I'm here. shoot, I have a lot of things I've done for my friend ray that I'd love to share, and am so frustrated! until I get this resolved, could you do me a favor? let everyone know that 1/2 liquid antacid + 1/2 benedryl liquid, swish and hold, swish and spit, helps the tongue to heal and stop dentist called a few oral surgeons after hearing about ray's tongue...and it is working like a charm...helps with the swallowing, too. I'm going to send this address to ray...hopefully he'll join in...oh yeah, I'm on dial-up...not all of us in the u.s. can afford dsl!

thanks so much,


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