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I would like to Thank any and all members of this message board who helped my little Sis in anyway they could , support to her , kind words , or things she could try , and If she helped anyone it would be great to know, My family is deeply hurt by Pam's loss, her smile is what made us all happy , we lost our mother in 2001 , I thought that was the only time I would have to say WHY for a longtime in my life . and now I am saying it again, I spend a big part of my life helping raise Pam and my other sister Nikki , due to the fact of our father not being around much, I have lost a sister and also like a Daughter to me, It hurts me deeply and will take a long time to adjust to not having her around, but as I have read her posts and knew how strong she was, it has helped me to be strong for our family and continue to hold us all together as she would want me too ! I know she is not in any pain anymore and is With our mother . and our Angel watching over her Hushand , 2 little boys and the rest of the Family.
My future plans are to start a Cain trust fund for the boys , she wanted them both to go to collage , and I want to help that happen in Her name .
Again thank you all so much for being a Friend to my Loved Little Sister .

If you would like to contact me , or want any info please email me at:
Thanks for your time Gene Webb
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This board is one of those places that builds a special bond between special people. None of us knew Pam in person yet we all know how wonderful and special she is. So many of us were so saddened by her news, I am sure it is 100 times worse for you and the rest of the family. Right from the start she was an inspiration and bright light here. Thank you for posting here - it means a lot to us on this board.
Same as me she was my best friend and my aunt gene is my dad its so hard dealing with the loss of someone this special, she was strong from day one and fought her cancer for to years better then anyone could expect she never complained or got down to any of her family, she loved doing family things and doing stuff with her to boys, her smile could make the worst day and the world light on in a sec thank you everyone on here for being there as a friend to her and im so glad that she could touch all of you like she did us and help you just as him i would love so know anything that she did to help you my email is And thanks again shes looking down on all of us

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