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Hi All

I attended the voice awards this afternoon it was fantastic all the performers are very talented
I particularly appreciated Elliott aka Mr Shaodow a poem which he wrote the day before about mouth cancer. Debbie and Grace but all performances were brilliant I can not stress that fact enough The whole event I am sure will be a great success every year from now on thanks to Vinod Joshi

Melanie x
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Hello Melanie

You should have said say hello to me Roll Eyes Did you bring along Aiyana? I would have introduced you to Brenda and Tracey and everyone else!

It was indeed a brilliant afternoon with so many very talented young singers. It was very difficult to decide on the winner. Elliot's performance was special and his rap about mouth cancer was very good. Cool

Tracey sang so well despite her weakening voice. Her first song brought tears to my eyes as I realized how much her voice meant to her.

We hope to make the recorded event available for viewing once edited so all who couldn't make it can see it. And yes, the MCVA will be an annual event and get even better. Smiler

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Can I add my congratulations to all the Voice Award contestants. It was a truly wonderful event, set in a prestigious theatre, and a delight to hear so many talented youngsters. Well done to all involved in organising the show.

A special word of thanks to our own Tracey who sang so beautifully. Like you Vinod, my husband had a few tears at Tracey's first song, made all the more poignant as she said it would be her last performance due to her weakening voice (there was no weakness as far as I could hear). I'm sure that Tracey will prove the docs wrong and she will soon be delighting many more audiences with her lovely voice. We all send our love to you Tracey as you undergo your biopsy next week. Brenda x
Hello Michael

I am so glad you enjoyed the event. It was wonderful to hear all of you perform to such high standards. I keep hearing all the songs in my head Roll Eyes

The Prize for Best Singing Act went to Kirsty Nichol who sang 'Fields of Gold' to win a day's recording studio time courtesy of Insomnia Music Ltd. Congratulations also to the other singing finalists (in no particular order): Marcus Thompson, Charlotte Cassidy, Mia Jay Clarson, Elliott Haslam aka Mr Shaodow, Jason Guest, Debbie Perrolls, Daizy Agnew, Michael Hinch and Grace Barrett.

Michael and all the others have such great potential and I look forward to hearing that they have made it big. Those who missed hearing Michael and the others sing can hear them here.

Good luck to all of them and I hope they do well. Yes

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
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Dr Joshi
I would like to thank you and your lovely family for a truly wonderful weekend.John and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you
Also meeting Brenda and her husband in person,meant alot to me.Thank you for your comments on my performance it means alot.
A special thanks to all at Media Ambitions who looked after all of us back stage,I felt like a mini celebrity for the weekend.
I hope all the promotional work really takes off and brings Mouth Cancer into the public eye.
I gave an interview to my local paper this morning and gave them some statistics,so as John says 'Any publicity is good publicity'

I can't thank you enough for inviting me down to London and lets hope next year will be bigger and better.

Lots of Love
Some related press:
from Alloha Advertiser, 30th November 2007 :
Tracey's final song

"A SAUCHIE mum who defied medical odds by getting her voice back, despite being told she may never sing again, went out with a bang when she staged the last – and most emotional – concert of her career.
Tracey White, who was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2005, has been forced to quit singing as her voice is deteriorating as a result of damage caused to her vocal chords during radiotherapy treatment.
But her farewell performance at the Mouth Cancer Voice Awards in London was one she won’t forget in a hurry."

from Wee County news:
Sad Tracey set to give final performance
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