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Dear All

Thank you for your kind words about Brenda. I have just received details of her funeral arrangements:

Here are the details of the funeral arrangements. We would be delighted to see you but don’t feel an obligation:
  • 1) 10am service at St Edwards on Saturday 28 June in Whitley Bay
  • 2) 11.15am(ish) at the Whitley Bay Crematorium (all welcome)
  • 3) 12 noon - 4pm (ish)reception at The Grand Hotel, Tynemouth (“Brenda’s treat”)

Brenda has asked for
  • 1) No black if possible (but she would, no doubt, have forgiven those who need to)
  • 2) No flowers, donations to the Mouth Cancer Foundation. For further information contact Carol Nesbitt, 34 Willoughby Drive, Woodburn, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, NE26 3DY, tel 0191 2524092
  • 3) Please come to the Grand Hotel, Brenda wants it to be a celebration and it’s “her treat”. A celebration may be difficult but we will try.

Take care


If any member wishes to attend please contact Carol Nesbitt and also let me know. I will be attending to say farewell to Brenda and will convey the good wishes of all here to John and family.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Dr Vinod

Would you please give our condolenses to John and family, we are sorry that we are unable to attend the funeral as we are on holiday in Sandiego visiting my sister.

Our thoughs will be with everyone on the day.

Brenda was and still is a very special lady who not only helped Dave though his dark days, but many others on the site with her posts and the inspiration in them.

Goodbye and farewell Brenda we know you will still be keeping an eye on us all from were you are.

God bless you.

Dave & Sue
We are really down hearted to read about the sad news about Brenda .
She was a great inspiration to Paul and I and indeed to all .We will miss her posts and chat so very much .Please pass on our condolences to John and her family.

Brenda will always be remembered for her courage and help to others not only on this forum but in her private and social life where she did such amazing fund raising.
God Bless her and all her family at this sad time.

Paul & Bell.
Also just back from holidays and have seen the sad news. Brenda's blog was one of the first I read on the website, and her warm and caring personality was apparent in all her posts. She always made the best out of every situation, no matter what the cost to herself. I wish her peace and my thoughts are with her family.

I've not yet posted on the loss of Brenda, I honestly did not know what to say.
I've just read the "pea"
I'm not religious, I don't know if there is an 'afterlife' but reading the final post from John all I can do is go for my next operation at the end of the month with all the courage I can and think of Brenda and the inspiration and love she had given to many. Her strength has given me strength.
At first I wasn't going to reply to this thread - everyone seems to have said it all. But then I read "The Pea," and was reduced to tears and then got to do it all over again in newcomer Nameeta's tribute to her mother in Introduce Yourself.

And then SusieR shows up....Three women with such remarkable courage that I feel humbled for often being such a wuss. I hope to draw from their inspiration.

I will miss Brenda, she is truly an inspiration to many and always a happy soul. I will remember her courage in standing up on the podium at the Mouth Cancer Walk a couple of years ago, attending the voice awards and also sitting next to me on the counseling course (and giving me words of encouragement during our role play session).

My classmate from junior school, Michelle Boudreau (in USA), is fundraising for cancer research. Her 60 year old dad, Jim, is cycling non-stop for 24 hours and has asked for names of cancer sufferers or those who have passed. I have put Brenda's name forward to be worn on his jersey as he cycles.

Brenda your positive spirit will not be forgotten. I am sorry for the late response (I have been unwell after a car accident).

Love, Geeta

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