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recently, i have been noticing these blood blisters like things on the inside linings of my mouth. there are not a lot but i dont know what they are so i am concerned. i get them very few weeks it seems. they dont hurt. i have been just squeezing them until they pop and a little blood comes out. after i do that, they go away in a few days or so. needlessly to say i want to know what they are. i would appreciate it a lot. hopefully they are not serious. thanks.
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Hi pb1322

Hope this information from the prematuree website helps:
Question: What medical condition causes blood blisters to occur in the mouth, on the tongue, and on the inside of the cheeks?
Answer: Countless conditions can cause blood blisters. To find out which one is the culprit, you need to pay attention to how severe the blisters are, and how often they come and go. You may also need a diagnosis from your doctor.

"If you find one or two that heal up within a week, it may be something as simple as stress, or biting or burning your cheek, and you probably don't need to worry," says Dr. G. Scott Heron, an assistant professor of dermatology at Stanford University. "But if it's recurring all the time -- and if you get multiple sores in your mouth -- you should seek treatment right away from a dermatologist or an oral biologist."

Recurrent blood blisters could signal problems that necessitate medical treatment. The most common of these is oral herpes, a viral infection that flares up periodically and has no known cure. Oral herpes signals its arrival with tingling or discomfort (a prodome) where a blister is about to appear. Soon afterward, blisters erupt on the tongue, the gums, or the cheeks.

Herpes sores commonly appear on the palate, starting out as small blisters that soon run together to form one painful, large sore. Flare-ups can be triggered by stress, food allergies, dental treatment, mouth injury, or sunburn on the lips. Taking vitamin C during the prodome may help clear up ensuing sores faster. And taking herpes medication like acyclovir (sold under the brand name Zovirax) will inhibit the reproduction of the virus that causes the blood blisters in the first place.

If herpes isn't the trouble, you may be infected with some other virus. Or you may be having an adverse reaction to medication. You could even have one of the rare genetic disorders (like epidermolysis bullosa, pemphagus, and pemphagoid) that cause blood blisters in the mouth.

For a precise diagnosis, you'll need to see a doctor. In the meantime, if the blisters sting or itch, you may want to treat them with an over-the-counter mouth sore treatment like Orabase or Zilactin.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
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ok well all that website did was raise my blood pressure and scare me. i was told that oral herpes hardly ever affects the inside of the mouth. there is no tingling or anything before these things pop up. they just appear. i also think herpes sores would hurt. these dont hurt at all. herpes blisters usually hurt and clear liquid in them. plus i think this appears too often for it to be herpes anyways. they mostly seem to be in the back of my mouth around where the teeth are. so who knows...i would like a doctors own response instead of a website which generalizes all things. now i'm even more worried than i was before.
pb1322, calm down there is no need to get all upset and bent out of shape...We don't have all the answers nor do we ask all the questions, remember, you asked us..Some of us may have had what you have then again some of us haven't. The bottom line to it all is--get to a doctor. Have it checked out. Come back and tell us so we can perhaps help another who has this or something like it..We all try to help one another on here, not hurt, or scare you...Whatever you do,,seek some professional help in this....Vicki Lynn
pb1322, as Vicki says we don't have all the answers we have this illness and we ourselfs are learing about it as we go. It effects us all in different ways. I don't think you are fair asking our advice then throwing it back in our face when we try to help. We have all been where you are now but hopefully you will not be as we are now after you have visited your doctor. Dr J as he says gives advice not diognosis and I for one can confirm this is done because he cares. he is a professional and has no need to spend time on this site helping us but he does.
Amen to Vicki & Maurice.
Lets not forget that this site is for the Sufferers of M & N to discuss between us ways of coping with this deadful Cancer NOT a self advice? cure or scraremnger faciltity.
I must strongly agree with Maurice but for the kindness and Humilly given by Dy Dr Jodhie (and Krishan) we would be alot worse of today .
Hope we can between us help anyone in need

If you have blood blisters in your mouth, check your platelet count! My husband, 31 years old, had unexplained bruises on his body & blood blisters in his mouth. After a doctor's visit, he was diagnosed with ITP - a disorder which attacks the platelets. After a brief hospital visit, with platelet transfusions, gammaglobulin, and prednisone, the blood blisters have disappeared and the bruises are slowly fading. Now, he has to take prednisone for a couple of months, and then we'll go from there. Your condition may be something else, but look into your platelet count.
I have had a couple of the blood blisters in my mouth also for about the last 3 months (that I have noticed at least). I honestly think that smoking maybe affecting it if anyone else here having the problem smokes, I noticed when I smoke that, that side of my cheek has a numb tingly feeling that started up around the time of the blood blisters. It's not herpes, I can tell you that for sure. If anyone has been to a doctor for the same condition here please post up the doctor's findings. No health insurance means second-hand doctor's information is better than none.
Hello Stelmate

The commonest cause of little blood bisters in the inner cheek is trauma caused by nipping it while clenching. Learn to keep your teeth apart all the time (unless eating, even then there is food between them!).

Your cheek is reacting to the irritant effect of smoke (which if it got into your eyes would make them water!). So please stop smoking, it is the best thing you could do to improve your health (in addition to walking for exercise). While we can't predict our future health, we can influence the odds by avoiding risky life styles.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Hello Cheeky

Angina bullosa haemorrhagica is a benign phenomenon that is characterized by the sudden appearance of a blood blister on the oral mucosa in the absence of an identifiable cause or systemic disorder; local trauma has been suggested to be the most likely contributory factor. Blood filled blisters are produced in places prone to trauma (e.g. hard palate, cheek). It is thought to be caused due to fragility of the mucosal vessels. Some authors suggest mild trauma as the causative agent to break the epithelial–connective-tissue junction, causing bleeding of superficial capillaries and resulting in the formation of a subepithelial hemorrhagic bullae. No treatment is required.

The lesions may be confused with other more serious disorders (eg, mucous membrane pemphigoid, epidermolysis bullosa, linear IgA, dermatitis herpetiformis); however, the isolated nature, rapid healing, and rare recurrence of ABH blisters generally are sufficient findings to rule out the previously mentioned conditions.

The lesions maybe indistinguishable from blood blisters related to thrombocytopenia; however, blood tests and the absence of areas of ecchymosis, epistaxis, or gingival bleeding are helpful signs to rule it out.

Hope that helps. Let us know what your doctor says.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
After many trips to the internists, ent's, dermatologist, dentist and oral surgeon, I finally got a diagnosis for the blood blisters in my mouth and throat. I had 3 biopsis, and an oral pathologist said it is angina bullosa hemorrhagica. They don't know the cause, or treatment other than steroids. It's rare and supposedly not deadly. I need some relief. My mouth and throat stay sore. I can't eat or drink anything acidic, crunchy like chips or crackers, and the act of chewing is uncomfortable. HELP!!!
Hello Merl-Sue

Unfortunately, you will have to avoid foods that aggravate the situation.

Ask your doctors for a mouthwash that can give some pain relef. You could try the following:
    Offer topical analgesia if mouth ulcers are painful:
  • Localized pain: choline salicylate, benzydamine spray (Difflam), or lidocaine (lignocaine) ointment or spray can be used, but have a short duration of action.
  • Mechanical protection: carbenoxolone or carmellose, etc (e.g Aloclair and Gelclair) can be used to provide a protective barrier over the ulcer.
  • Diffuse oral pain: benzydamine mouthwash (Difflam); diclofenac or aspirin dispersible tablets (used as a mouthwash) can be used but might an effect on bleeding

Speak to your doctors. Let us know what you find helps.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
hi, could someone help, today i found a black lump on the inside of my cheek lining, it appeared from nowhere and very quickly. I have a photo and if possible would like someone to check it out for me, i panicked to start off with but now i'm thinking it's some sort of blood blister after reading several forums..
Please Help
Good morning Jay,
The person to check this out for you is your dentist or your doctor.There is no substitute for professional advice.There are many reasons for lumps appearing in the mouth and only one of them is cancer but no one can afford to take a risk so tomorrow morning fix an appointment to see your dentist or doctor.
I hope things turn out well for you and please let us know how you get on.
Keep Smiling Razzer
Hi there, I've been having anxiety attacks over the thought of something happening to my Mom. She is a very healthy 59 year old, who excercises regularly and takes great care of herself. Her mother died from a combination of a few rare diseases. Amaloydosis and Monoclonal Gammopathy. My Mom has been having reaccuring blood blisters in her mouth for the past six months. In addition, she's been having skin irritation under her eyes. They are flaming up for no apparent reason. We want to blame it on make-up or too much sun, but I'm just wondering if these early symptoms could at all be related to what her mother died from? Are the above diseases heriditary? Any information would be much appreciated and helpful. She has an appointment with a vascular doctor this month. I was just hoping to have a better understanding of what to expect later in the month.
My mother has suffered on and off over the years with blood blisters on the inside of her mouth on her cheek and palate. My son was diagnosed with "geographic mouth". Both are due to chemical sensitivities. My mother also has been known to get blood blisters if she drinks something extremely hot or cold. The physicians have told her that the vessels in her cheek are very thin and burst at the slightist change in temperature or to a medication she is allergic or sensative toward. I thought that this might help, in that, my mother has been dealing with these blisters in her mouth since she was five. And, she's doing fine and dandy. But, my mother has also gone to the doctor on a yearly basis, and had all the appropriate blood tests etc. As for my son and his geographic mouth. They are lesions on the tongue and surrounding area of the mouth which appear and disappear in different areas. This is also due to change of temperature, and allergies, and chemical and environmental sensativities. The toothpaste he was using was changed, as was his diet. But, they still pop up depending on whether he ate too many tocos which were too spicy. He too, is doing fine and working in genetic sequencing lab at Duke. But, again, he had geographic mouth and until we brought him to a dentist, no doctor could diganosis the problem (which we paid dearly trying to figure it out). It wasn't until he had his first visit after about one year old, that the dentist said in passing "oh, and he's has geographic mouth". That's when he explained what it was. So, check with the dentist or oral physician, and get all testing done and examinations. And, mainly TELL the doctors what ALL your symptoms are. Don't be shy. Tell him if anyother member has similar problems. You're paying alot...Don't accept a nurse/or first line of defense the Physician's assistant. You're paying for your own health...Take control and tell the doctor what HE can do For YOU...And, be specific. Hope this helped. By the way, your body is your best tally on whether something is ok or not. Listen to it. Also, to help with both my mother's and son's lesions, rinsing with warm water and salt; or using listerine with citrus (water done if it burns too much), are helpful. Hope this helps...Raised in the medical community...Luisa.
I too have suffered from blood blisters in the mouth. Mostly on the pallet or in the back of the throat. Often they are quite large and it suddenly feels as if your air pipe is getting cut off. I usually go to the bathroom and clear my throat with such force that it forces the blister to burst. Then there is the clearing and spitting of blood for a littlewhile. I get a glass of ice water and there is nothing to do but wait and keep drinking. Then for a week or more after an episode I feel as if I've got phlem in the throat and it is sore to swallow.
Since I am 66 years old and this has been happening off and on since I was in my 20s obviously it is not fatal. Just annoying and sometimes painful. I have seen many doctors and specialists but none of them could find a cause. Even when the damage could be seen with their own eyes they still did not know why.
Sometimes it happens a couple of times in a week or a month and then I can go for months before is happens again.
If anyone know what this ailment is then I would like to know and have you email me with the answer.
I'm 72 and have been experiencing mouth blood blisters for 45 years. They occur after sharp food or a biting of inside the cheek. I see the recommendations for healing. Certain solutions that I'm not familiar with, however I've used peroxide as a rinse after relief of the blood with a small sterolized sewing needle. Once recently the blister became so large without a needle handy, I reverted to pinching it between two fingernails, allowing the release of blood.
Unfortunately being at a function, peroxide was not available and the skin broken by fingernails became slightly infected. After a week with peroxide and Listerine rinses, The sore is healed. My decision for emergencies like this is to carry a small needle and matches for sterolization of such. Any viewpoint on my methods would be appreciated as my doctor seems all to confortable with my methods although he does shake his head alot and calls me Doctor, facisiously.
Regarding angina bullosa hemorrhagica, you can see photos on The suggestion that it might be oral herpes scared the daylight out of me. I basically don't put anything in my mouth other than food, and inhaler. Yes, inhaler, which I haven't found it being mentioned yet. I have asthma and I inhale asmanex daily. Asmanex gave me tingling feet, and now angina bullosa hemorrhagica. This page ( talks about inhaled steroid could cause blood blister. Thank heaven to know that. I always thought it was my every other day aspirin was giving me the blood blister. Thank you for the name angina bullosa haemorrhagica because it allowed me to do research and drop a heaven load off my chest.
I too just began having these blood blisters occur within the last 6 months, happening perhaps once every 3-4 weeks. At first they only happened behind my last molar about where a wisdom tooth would have been had it notbeen pulled. I thought that my salivary gland was getting blocked. The bumps are completely painless and emit fresh, red blood when I lance them (which I always do by smushing them). They heal without issue within a day or two. Yesterday was the first time that I had one appear on the side of my mouth on the inside of my left cheek. Same sensation, same everything. It seems that I also am getting some kind of "Angina bullosa haemorrhagica" as there seems to be no way that this is some kind of Herpes outbreak to me. Thankfully it seems that they do not occur in my throat as yet. I am guessing that it must be some kind of allergic response to something I am eating as it always occurs during or after a meal as best as I recall. I throw this out there just to add to the discussion of those that seem to suffer from the same symptoms that I do. It seems harmless though a little disturbing that it just suddenly emerged around my turning 40.
I to have been getting blood blisters in the mouth,they just appear out of the blue but the fright I get is horrible,the worst ones are the ones on the tongue they generate the most blood and i usually burst them with a toothbrush they are the sorest ones along with ones at the back of the throat,I have been getting them for about 10 years now and i am 55years young,i hope this eases the worry of any other sufferer of this condition,its a horrible thing to put up with,but it could be a whole lot worse,love to u all, R.
I just registered to comment on this thread, which I stumbled onto in almost unrelated search results and thought to take a look.

As keeps being mentioned about Angina Bullosa Heamorrhagica, blood blisters in the mouth without other symptoms are typically nothing to worry about. I'm 41 years old and have had the problem all my life, with outbreaks in groups every few months.

When I get them, it often coincides with periods of severe stress, foods that are rough on the interior surface of the mouth (like tortilla chips) or some spicy foods.

I have not worried about it since my teens and it has never lead to anything more than very mild discomfort. I tend to just pop them, sometimes peeling off a patch of surface tissue if it was large, because they are less annoying as a mild surface wound than a lump. I have never bothered with any additional treatment and they have never gotten infected or lead to any other problems once ruptured. Unless it was a large one, they are typically healed within 24 to 48 hours.

Though the suggestion to see a doctor or dentist is valid, if you have any concerns or if you have any other issues that coincide with the outbreaks, but for the most part, occasional blood blisters, by themselves, are no more of an alarm than any other isolated symptom of blisters of hives (which I also get in times of stress).

Note: Though I have had some medical training, I am not a certified doctor, and this should be taken only as an opinion or advice and not as a diagnosis.
Hi, I Just had an outbreak of large blood blisters in my mouth. After reading everyones posts i may have a little bit of new information that seems to be the culprit in my case. I am a younger male in great shape and recently started taking large doses of Arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that creates nitric oxcide in your body. This opens your blood vessels to get a better pump during a workout. I'm not a doctor or anything, but in my case i think its a direct result from too much nitric oxcide in my system. I too got pretty scared after seeing these things pop up in my mouth all at once. As long as they do not get worse and eventually stop this post has saved my a few doctor visits!
Hi Meryl- Sue,

I too have been getting a single blood blister upper left side of my gum. It does not hurt but to get rid of it I just use toilet paper and pop it - just a small amount of blood comes out. I've noticed that when I eat crunchy foods I always get them. I feel it is not serious to see a doctor only if the condition changes, because this is the side if my mouth I chew with.

Hope this helps others.

Good Health to all.

Diva wanda
I get these every few months - only smallish blisters on the inside of my cheeks. My Dad gets them too so maybe its a family thing>

Anyway, just felt two large blisters in my mouth - looked in the mirror and they are the biggest yet! They took some bursting. After a little worrying I remembered that I took a bite into my cheek a couple of days ago when eating (was v hungry!) so this is probably the cause in my case...
After getting these blisters on and off over the last few years I also googled the phenomenon.

I also get blood blisters from biting the inside of my cheek when eating food/s, even when being really careful! Sometimes I go for months without getting them, and other times I have had two in one day!

I do avoid sharp foods as a result**, potato chips are the worst culprits, as are crusty breads and also pizza bases. I've never had them from hot drinks.

Another factor I can relate to is stress. I have a pretty stressful lifestyle, unfortunately, which I am working on making into a less-stressful one, but that's a long term goal. The blisters do seem to coincide with when the stress was diagnosed! (so could be a blood pressure thing too) idk?

I also eat very well (I have trained to be a personal trainer/diet coach), I don't and never have smoked, and I drink on occasion.

Either way, as suggested several times here, I just leave them be. I used to burst them but sometimes, which resulted in more pain lasting several days. I know how annoying and a little scary they can be, especially when they just pop out-out of nowhere! But, they ALWAYS go within 48 hours, or less. I've had them swell and go back down in less than 10 minutes, and I have also watched them swell in the mirror (which is not very pleasant, but from a medical aspect its probably very interesting!).

I also suffered with mucoceles for many years (fluid filled blisters on the bottom lip and cheek lining), my last serious one was about 2 years ago. After many doctors/hospital visits (resulting in several surgeries), ...and reading on the internet it's pretty obvious that these too are caused by trauma/s to the mouth lining.

**As a nurse once said to me, 'prevention is better than cure'! I couldn't agree more! I have since changed the way I sleep, which has removed the white lines on the insides of my cheeks, where my teeth were rubbing whilst sleeping, and when eating I am very conscious about how I chew (although the odd mishap can occur)(maybe as I said this is stress related, worrying about getting the blisters whilst eating, lol, a true vicious circle if ever there was! Wink
Hi Sunshine

The first thing to do is stop smoking. Next, please call your doctor or dentist for a checkup if these blisters have not gotten better within a couple of weeks.

Believe me, as veterans in the war against cancer, we here at the site understand being scared of going to the doctor. Unfortunately, I can't think of a better way to find out what the problem is. When you DO go to the doctor, please take someone along.

Let us know how it turns out.


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