Hello I am a newbie and rather scared.

I visited my dentist after I discovered some white patches on the side of my tongue which after 2 weeks had not gone away - Boots told me it was oral thrush and to use a cream. It was not.

My dentist referred me to Dental Hospital which after a 2 week wait I attended and was told it looks nohing serious and looks like TMD, from me chewing my tongue and gum sides etc (I have a mouth tray)... but to be on safe side they would arrange biosy

2 weeks later I had the biopsy.. One from lateral tongue side, the other where I had been biting at the back and it had formed a scar white patch. 6 stitches and a sore mouth. Sure when I went for the biopsy the tongue patch had almost gone invisible but yet the surgeon insisted on taking the biopsy

They said results in 4-6 weeks...

Im booked to go back 1st Aug which will be 5 weeks after the biopsy.

Whats the usual wait for news? 6 weeks?

I am worried reading all these stiries of mouth cancer and I am only 42!

Help someone?
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hey Graeme

sorry to hear your problems. better to have the biopsy and be certain though. 5 weeks sounds like a long time? all my biopsies have been rattled off in a couple of weeks , but all you can do is try to remain positive . it is easier said than done, but until you know for sure there is something to worry about - try to put it to the back of your mind.

best advice though....stay away from the scare stories and google! plenty of people here to chat to and offer support but hopefully you wont need it!


Really good advice from bianconeri. Worrying will, in fact make things worse, and better to have the biopsy and know for sure which way you are going than just to carry on hoping for the best. The best is usually what it is, but knowing is reassurance.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.
Got a letter in the post - Immediate thoughts "Oh my God something is up"... as it happens it was a note of my initial visit.

This is what it read:

"Thank you for referring this pleasant patient. Graham was seen on Mr Kennedy's clinic today with regard to a lesion on his left lateral tongue.

On presentation Graham complained of a lesion that he first noticed to be present three weeks ago on his left lateral tongue. The lesion has not resolved with Daktarin ointment and Graham reports that he is a bruxist and you have provided him with a soft splint to wear at night. He reports no paraesthesia of his tongue, no problems with tongue mobility, speaking or swallowing and high levels of stress in his life at the minute.

Medically he suffers from high cholesterol and hypertension, which are controlled with candesartan and atorvastatin.

He is a current smoker of 15 cigarettes a day and drinks approximately 2 - 3 units of alcohol per week.

On clinical examination pronounced muscles of mastication were noted extra-orally. There was no lymphadenopathy. Intra-orally of note in the right posterior buccal mucosa was an exophytic, approximately 0.5cm x 0.5cm white lesion with the appearance of a papilloma. On his right lateral tongue there was a homogenous white patch, approximately 2cm x 1cm at the level of the occlusion line. There was also evidence of generalised tooth surface loss.

My initial impression is of hyperkeratosis and a squamous cell papilloma on the right lateral tongue and posterior buccal mucosa respectively. We have arranged biopsy to be taken"

As I say, when I went to the biospy there was nothing visible but he wanted two biopsies anyhow.

I have to say after 2 weeks.. tongue is fine, back mouth is still sore and today I have a sore throat and can feel my glands (connected?)

I would have thought that results of a biopsy would be through in a week or two certainly not 5-6 weeks like they said?
One would certainly hope to hear within the two weeks. Five to six weeks really does seem to be a long time, especially as waiting is worrying.
I keep my fingers crossed for the best outcome for you.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.
OK had my results yesterday and after another examination and an hr wait I was told all clear. No HPV, Palpiloma, cancer nothing. All they could say is the white patches were trauma caused by biting my mouth/tongue,

Stay off the fags and enjoy my summer

What a relief... Thank you God x

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