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Hi gang

No nice way of telling you this so here goes. Recent scan detected loads of tumours and now I am officially incurable BY traditional medicine.
That doen't mean I am giving up or taking any notice of what they say - 6 years of this has hardened me to the reality that doctors often don't know more than they do know. They have given me a few months so I hoppe to be keeping blogging here for several years and if not so be it.
It has been great top have the support and help of everyone and I cannot recommend tghis site to highly for many reasons.
Please don;t feel sad for me as I am ready for the challenge and am by no means finished just yet.
Some may think I should not post this - but life is real and we have to live in the real world and maybe I can lead by example for those who are scared or worried. Don't be. I have had major surgery and radiotherapy and all kinds of rough bioposies and so on and so forth. Keep strong, jkeep smiling and don't let any of it grind you down. Don't abandon traditional medicine till it abandons you.

I hope I am in more pain than any of you or yours and wish you all the very best of everything.

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Hi Tony
What shitty news. No surprise that you would have the attitude to this news that you have. C'est la vie. We don't have to like it but the fact is this is the way the cookie crumbles.
There is absolutely nothing good about your prognosis however there is much good to be taken from knowing your time is likely to be up before someone else's. As much as I hated seeing what Trevor went through, I am so grateful we knew we had limited time to love ourselves silly (I know I've said all this before but it is such a valuable time and there is really only one way to find that out), to not waste a moment on things that weren't worth worrying about.
I know you will make the most of the next weeks, months, years ......... Good for you Tony. Thanks for the laughs you've given me with your great, dry wit.

sorry to read your post. however, i am glad that you have not thrown in the towel. i have had so many people tell me that my attitude has had a strong part of continuing to live on this great planet earth.

where do i get my attitude? much of it comes from reading posts from guys like yourself. you get bad news, but all you do is shift gears and ready to tackle it from another angle. you are an inspiration for myself and others to look up too.

i always write to friends about how Ananth drilled it into me - live every day like it is going to be your last. and speaking of Ananth i sure miss him......

and yes, thank you for posting this info. like you said you've been thru some hard times and have been thru a lot in the past 6 years, yet even after this set back, you continue to set the example for others to follow.


What is there to say but enjoy yourself! Do what you want when you want. I have yet to be told I am not treatable by traditional medicine. I have been told I am not curable. I am treatable to put in remission hopefully but no cure until they come up with new med. I still have the tumors in my lungs that have broken up some. And I also have the new 3 incher in my left hip these all were just found 6 months apart. The hip is the newest so on new chemo to see how it works. My dr says the goal is to stop me from getting any new tumors and hopefully break them up or shrink them. We will see.

Best of Luck to you no matter how long you have left months years who knows nobody does.

Hi Tony
i am sorry to hear your news.I have a friend who was diagnosed when Robin was sick.he beat the beast once and returned to a full and happy life.Six months ago he was looking forward to retiring to France to his new home and messing about on his narrow boat.Today he has weeks maybe months left to live.He never made it to France,but he and his best friend are sailing the canals and rivers of England,stopping at every pub,eating, drinking anything he can get his hands on and squeezing out every last breath of his life to the limit.His lovely wife Debs joins him at weekends and will be with him full time in July god willing.My admiration for the two of them is imeasurable and i hope he lives long enough for me to meet him in august when he arrives in yorkshire.Like you an example to us all.

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