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Hi there - have you seen an actual consultant (extremely preferable) or a registrar (useless in the extreme).?
Any other symptoms - tonsilitis - fever at all?

Push for a scan of some sort.
It could be a general infection of some sort which would respond to a powerful antibiotic prescription. I had one just recently - I was very worried (thought i might have had a recurrence) - antibiotics cleared up a tooth type infection.
But you must keep pushing so you get your peace of mind.
Hope it all works out well for you
tony k
Hi Tony,
I was referred to the consultant by my dentist ( it was the consultant I saw. He thinks the white ulcers and sore area,s in my mouth are Lichen Planus. This is to be confirmed by a biopsy. he also found a swelling in my neck, near my thyroid he said, that is to be scanned..
Had a sore mouth off and on for years, but this time it is not going.
Feel very tired and sometimes hot sometimes very cold. A little breathless and can feel something in my throat.............
I was wondering what the time lag is between seeing a consultant and getting all the relevant tests ?
As you all probably know it is not nice to be in no mans land, will deal with what ever I have too but not knowing is not easy.
Thanks for listening to me .


Thanks for more related info - If consultant hasn't already done so - I would ask for blood test (thyroid function and anything else pertinent to your symptoms.
They might want to do an endoscopic camera look see down your throat/vocal chord area (larynx etc) maybe. I would certainly ask for that.
I take it they are in the process of(or carried out)some sort of biopsy on your ulcer type symptoms.
The stress will certainly affect the way you feel - I can vouch for that from experience!.
A full surgical biopsy is not something they would rush to do - (nhs cost implications!!)

best wishes tony k
Hello Carol,I don't think you will have to wait to long for the tests,the waiting is not nice,I thought I had a reacurrance last year but it was a colloid cyst on my thyroid,which also gave me the feeling of something in my throat,I had a lump on my neck near my thyroid.Im in Devon also and I think they are on the ball when it comes to finding out what's wrong with you.i hope all goes well,takecare.
Great - in that 9 out of 10 are benign should it be a cancerous lump.
Needle biopsy - be cautious - question them. Needle biopsy is a very very cheap way of getting a tissue sample. It often doesn't pick up enough of the right tisse for a meaningful test.
I had 2 done in my very enlarged lymphs - it doesn't show anything I was told. - That is not the same as YOU DON'T HAVE CANCER. What it meant was I was "monitored" for even longer while tumours grew larger in my neck lymphs. The only way is to have the lump (or part of it) surgically removed and have tests on it. Which I EVENTUALLY had. BASTARDS!
Sorry if I appear a bit negative - but the more I read about "needle biopsies" - the more I realise that they are extremely inconsistent.(ie a waste of time - useless)
Try and get a consultant to be really honest about this.

Good luck - chin up - keep positive

tony k

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