Pauline..... you are absolutely right. My goodness we are showing our age. I think they were called the Kings Singers, because they met whilst studying at Kings College, Oxford. I thought they were very good. Especially the handsome one with the bald head, not unlike my husband.

Take care

Oh my goodness. I remember the Kings Singers. They used to be on the radio on a Sunday afternoon I think but I couldn't listen when visiting some Highland relatives as they were 'too jazzy for the Lord's Day'!!
What is this music actually that we're talking about? Can anyone do it? Even a former soprano, well sort of, who now sounds like a 12-year-old boy whose voice is breaking.
I went to see my specialist today. He said that the throat5 tissues haven't really cha nged since the end of the RT 5 years ago and can't see my eating getting much better. There is so much gunge there which comes and goes.But he was pleased that my weight had stuck at 102 pounds since my last visit six weeks ago.
I've been asked to do a volunteer shift at the local cancer advice drop-in centre at our ospital and of course I have said yes.

Greetings Ishbel
Rosemary, I wonder what the singer looks like now and if he resembles your husband still. I expect they've disbanded but they might have a website for afficionados. Bless them, probably pottering about their sheds now.
�Hats Off To You� Ishbel, it takes a lot to volunteer, especially at your local hospital. I think this forum is brilliant with encouragement, advice etc. it�s a different story when you are actually meeting people�Good for you�

Are you happy with the meeting with your specialist? I know there was some concern about �bits� of abnormality showing. Has this abated? Six months after radiotherapy, I lost my voice completely (My tumour was situated between the larynx and the pharynx) I thought the RT had damaged my voice box, but turned out to be caused by underactive thyroid. It gave me a scare though.

My husband does spend a lot of time in the garden, though not quite at the pottering stage yet.

Take care

Hello Rosemary--interesting thatif you asked how I felt about visit to sur4geon. Well of course I was pleased that he didn't find anything new to worry about. My tumour was discovered in the same place as yours-twixt larynx and pharynx. I never lost my voice completely but it was down to a whisper for several months after treatment finished. The speech therapist did so well and gradually the voice became stronger. But it won't take too much use and after a night talking (arguing) politics with friends I am very croaky the next day.
Your thyroid link really surprises me. Was it there before the cancer or did it develop afterwards?
I am finding life much happier since I decided to stop a relationship I had had for over a year with someone who was obsessed with food and Chaucer and the SAS. Truly. But a lot of things in betweeen.
Anyway I was feeling out of touch with myself and I needed some time to be alone which is something I developed with the cancer.
But I wn't go on with that self-indulgent analsysis. I am having a happy potter befor baby-sitting grandchild tonight and steeling myself to insist that I won't overturn daughter's 'No Big Brother' edict.
Dammit. I'll miss it!

Regards Ishbel
LOL Rosemary and Ishbel those singers are not dead yet. I have found several websites and they seem alive and well and still producing CDS of new music. As for age I can recall the coronation - vaguely I might add... now that does age one....
Glad your check up was OK.

Just wondered if either of you are as I am on days to see specialists. I can never eat much that day until I get back from the apppointment. I get so screwed up that he might just find something horrid with that scope. Anyone else like this?

And Ishbel since having eating problems I too have noticed that others seem obsessed with constantly eating. I've learnt you can survive on much less food that the average person seems to think necessary. I suppose I should admit I was alittle piggy just like them before. Still it is amazing how that non existant saliva can slow you right down.
Pauline� Its all Ishbel�s fault, having these poor lads �Knock, Knock, Knocking On Heavens Door� � wonder if they ever recorded that�.

Before my visit to the hospital, my throat always seems worse. I can�t sleep the night before. Luckily my appointment is in the morning, so I just don�t think about eating.
I do think positively, but there is always that little niggle the consultant might find something not quite right. I suppose that�s natural.

Ishbel, I never had thyroid problems before RT. I think the chances of having thyroid problems are high after RT. Apparently it�s the trauma to that part of the throat, which causes the thyroid not to function properly, but not everyone is the same. Just one of those things with me I guess. Not a problem,. I just take a little thyroxine pill daily.

I did lose my voice completely after RT. The thyroid problem happened 6/7 months later. Losing my voice once more, as I said, was scary.

Must go now and check the websites for the Kings Singers.

Take care,

Oh Rosemary. You might become a Kings Singers' groupie. I bet they will be highly flattered.

Pauline. I was AT the coronation, well in a wonderful seat in Parliament Square. In ankle socks of course! And I remember the Queen of Tonga in the rain. I think that's where my throat problems started....By the way my stomach soon got used to your rich roulade and I finished it when I came home after baby-sitting.
My daugbter had made me the finest bolognaise sauce you can imagine but not a chance. Strange thing was I was able to have a few really crisp crisps which go down before the sticky sog sets in!
Lovely to be able to talk the same language without making people gag. Not tnat I talk about it anyway. There is nothing quite like that sinking feeling of waiting to be called in. A really really old nun was before me. She was in a wheelchair, very frail, but looked joyous almost. She too is probably half in love with the specialist, one Mr Macrae (my maiden name!) who personifies every cliche in these doctors and nurses romances. I wonder how he managed to check her neck under that wimple.
She looked suspiciously serene when the nuneen wheeled her out!
Greetings Ishbel
Dr. Joshi� After my RT was finished on a visit to my doctor, I asked him very seriously.. Will I be able to sing? His reply was�Of course�� My reply��FANTASTIC.. As I couldn�t sing a note before.

My doctor is a lovely man, but very droll, so I was more than pleased when I actually saw him smile. I think not at the ancient joke, but the fact he actually fell for it.

Still can�t sing a note.


ROFL you are all nuts.

Rosemary and Ishbel I remember coronation day as one of the most memorable in my life. I was 4 and we walked a mile to a house of some people who owned a TV. I recall being perched on my father's shoulders in a room full of happy oohing and ahhing people all trying to see the wonder of the ceremony on this little tiny screen in the corner called the telly.
The following week my father went out and bought one as he was so impressed with it.

Its funny how those kind of memories stay forever.

Now you will recall that the chocolate roulade was your downfall to normal calorie intake. Seriously Ishbel do you think these two commercial sponge cakes are the perfect cakes for radiotherapy recoverers.

I know what you mean about Bolognaise sauce. still don't like it again, just something about it - like eating grit with tomato style acidic sauce. I really dislike meat now and can't see the point of it anymore. Like all the veg again it's just the meat bit I really don't miss. Never thought I wouldn't miss meat, but I know now I can live without it.

Rosemary I agree visits to the consultant either bring sore throats before or sore throats after with that scoping. I dread that scope and hate the feeling for days after, but love it when it confirms eveything is ok inside. Hearing the words pink and healthy are words that mean so much.
Pauline without a doubt these commercial sponges are the best. But not all of them. As I may have said, M&S are a bit out of my way so today I bought the expensive Tesco similar one. Not the swiss roll, but one which looked similar. And almost as dear. But the texture was no good at all and the chocolate didn't have that good texture. So it's back to Marks tomorrow. Quite amazing really how the good old Victoria sponge irritates the throat.
I'm like you with meat now. But two meat things I can enjoy are tongue (not pork, lamb's, good texture and nice jelly); and my own chicken liver pate which is really the best I've tasted, says she modestly. I've used the recipe a thousand times. It came from a book written by a chef who was the doyen of the great Cunard ships.
If you want the recipe I'll gladly give it to you. Of xourse now I have it on its own or with Melba Toast rather than on squishy butter-laden farmhouse chunks!
I was 10 when I went to the Coronation kiddo. I went with 8 other schoolgirls. We'd won a prize for an essay and apparently back at the ranch my family wre spending as much time looking for me on that little set as they did on the bride.
It was such an emotional memory; walking across Westminster Bridge at dawn to take our seats and buying a paper headlined 'Everest Conquered'.

And we were all pink and healthy!


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