I'm doing a phone interview for BBC Southern County Radio to raise awareness and get more people to register for the Mouth Cancer walk next monday at 10:40am. & i'm also doing a radio interview with Arrow FM of Thursday this week.
The BBC woman said she found my story quite astonishing & thinks it should certainly get some peoples attention.
So very little helps!
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Well done, Michelle.

If you need background information on head and neck cancers, it's all on the MCF website homepage. If you want to have an idea of what it's like to be interviewed, listen to PH's interview in PH's story.

Ask the radio station if you can have a recording of the interview and they will often give you a CD recording. We could put it up so that we could all have a listen later. It will make the MCF top twenty chart!

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Thanks guys,

Thankyou Dr.Joshi...
Today i've been approached by Chat magazine & they'd also like to do the story. However they say i have to sign a contract so i wont give the story to anyone else in the mean time. I explained that i apreciate they don't want me going to their main rivals, but to exclude the national news papers is asking too much as the whole point is awareness raising & how can i do that if my hands are tied?
So i's been amended to 2 weeks after their publication, & they said if a national news paper or t.v. wanted to feature it we could discuss it.
Michelle be very careful, I know the point of the exercise is to make people aware but also it could preclude you from making any money or even publishing your book. I really think it would be worth a couple of hundred quid to get some legal advice from someone who knows about contracts of this nature - or if there is anyone here with that legal knowlege who can help?
The radio interviews went well. The BBC Southern County Radio was today. That was a live interview & i'm doing what i can to get a copy. The guy was really easy to talk to.
Amir & i have decided i have the perfect face for radio! Big Grin

The Arrow FM radio interview was played in snippets throughout the WHOLE day on the news Big Grin . I have the full unedited version - but it sounds a little sketchy *lol*
Hello Michelle

Forgot to tell you that the radio interviews done for the news tend to get edited into 1 - 2 minute sound bites. Sometimes the bites chosen are not what you expected! It is always great to hear your name on radio the first time around, and think "oh my god, is that what i sound like!" Smiler

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
I KNOW that's not what i sound like! My voice doesn't sound like that in my head! Eeker

They play Arrow FM in the Mews i work in. & whenever it came on they were all saying "ohhh come & listen" But i didn't like to! It reminded me of when i was a kid & i'd record my voice & play it back!

On the other hand, a lady that works in the chemist up the road has offered to sponsor me for the walk bless her!
& my Gran who i don't see that often came in to see me. She heard me on th radio in the charity shop she was in & proclaimed to all that could hear "That's my granddaughter you know?!" Cool
Hello Michelle

Krishan has received your recording. I thought you really sounded very good and had a sweet happy voice. You interviewed well, talked a bit about yourself and briefly made the points about
  • public ignorance about mouth cancers
  • it can even affect an 'invincible' 23 year old
  • how it can affect those with no risk factors of smoking and drinking
  • how it presented for you
  • treatment
  • you can survive
  • the mouth cancer walk to increase public awareness
  • gave a website URL for more information

Well done! Big Grin

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Hello Chelle

A couple of thoughts:
  • During an interview it is a good idea to give the MCF website address as www.mouthcancerfoundation.org to go to if listeners wish more information about mouth cancers and the Walk.

  • As the Mouth Cancer (awareness) Walk is a full month before the Week, i would advise not mentioning the Mouth Cancer Awareness week and instead just talk about this being a mouth cancer awareness event. This avoids confusion of dates and having to explain everything in the short time slot given.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Ok Dr. Joshi, i'll take those points on board.
When you're on the spot i just said what came to mind without stuttering and spluttering all over the place! Big Grin

Also did an interview for my local newspaper today, The Hastings Observer. & the Chat magazine interview is tomorrow Smiler

My nans sister has taken one of my sponsor forms & so has my nans sister-in-law. We've got a few copies made as there were more people than i'd imagined that wanted to have some imput.
Initialy i just wanted to take part & raise awareness. But my mums sponsored me generously bless her (the money she would have spent on cigarettes but she's quit now)!
You can read my local papers interview HERE
I should say that i've been quite miss-quoted. The line about me having more chemo because the doctors don't know alot about H&N cancersn isn't what i said at all! I said i'd had more chemo because of suspect nodes on my lungs Roll Eyes.
Still, the articlke has had a good effect. One of my customers came in today and said he'd like to sponsor me. & alllll day i've had people coming into work wishing me well asking questions etc.
Also, i seem to have started a bit of a support group with people going through treatment for several different cancers now coming in to ask my advice. So i can help many more people where i didn't have that kind of support when i went through it all. It has had some positive impact.

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