I was hoping to get some advice regarding my dad's cancer. His diagnosis is terminal and has been given 12 months to live. He has had 10 sessions of radio therapy but does not qualify for any other treatment due to so many other issues. He is currently struggling to eat, losing weight and coughing up green phlegm.
Firstly - when do these side effects improve? He was feeling right as rain before treatment began. Secondly is there any hope that he will live longer than the time given by the oncologist? I'm still in denial and cannot believe this is happening to us.
I came across this site a week ago and my two little boys are having a yard sale to raise money as a donation so thanks you for letting me join
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Hi there, welcome to the club that no one wants to join. My husband was diagnosed with base of tongue SC Stage 4 and given 20% survival. If you look back on this site it was 'rocking' and I made lots of friends and, I have to say, I really doubt I could have coped without help here, there were always people who had already got the tee shirt which made me able to anticipate what was to come but I think it's quite now to what it was. However, I can only tell you my story. My husband is still here, eleven years on. Not quite the man he was. Still has problems eating and swallowing. It does limit our social life but hey ho. Be grateful and all that. He didn't have the mastitis problem so you have a different contender. All I can say is that you must stay positive, no matter how bad or depressing things are. Good luck and all my love.

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