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This week i discovered the wonder that is Aunt Bessies choccy muffins!
I found if you do them for just 25 minutes - not 30 - they stay super soft in the middle. I had one with a big dollop of vanilla ice cream & double cream & they went down VERY well!
In fact..
I think i'm gunna send Amir out for some more!
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Have not seen Aunt Bessie's in Ireland but got to thinking. Bought a fresh Blueberry one from the shop and took Michelle's tip, Ice cream and cream. I only managed to eat about a quarter of it but it tasted the best and I prefer savoury stuff!! Now it's got me thinking more-If I make door step garlic bread and some type of savoury sauce perhaps I can use the soft middle bit from the bread, soak it and sauce and!!!!!!!!!!
Will let you know.
It's not like chocolate, it doesn't stick like that. Cuz i can't have chocolate either. Probably will never be able to have a bar of galaxy again~! BUT this way you get the chocolate flavour still. Like i said, with lots of cream & ice cream, i mean FLOOD it with with cream & ice cream. So i get my chocolate fix without it sticking to my gums! Also, one of the main problem with chocolate is not having the saliva to melt it. So there isn't that issue with the hot muffin.

i had some garlic bread with loads of spaghetti sauce & it still just turned doughy and had to spit it out. So if you come up with a recipe that doesn't do that PLEEEEASE let me know. Because garlic bread is one of the few things i really do miss!

All the best guys!
Hi Chelle,
Not tried the garlic bread & sauce yet but will let you know as soon as I do. Really proud of myself tonight though. Went fishing yesterday, yeah I know, not everyone's idea of fun but the peace and quiet helps sometimes. Anyway caught a massive trout and was determined to eat it. Grilled it with loads of butter and made a lemon and mayonaise sauce. Lads, I managed to eat the lot, it just melted in my mouth! I can honestly say it is the best fish I have eaten in my (nearly) 50 years. I never imagined I would manage to eat any thing like that again. If you have a taste for something give it a try. You might surprise yourself like I have done. SusieR
That sounds Gorgeous Susie!
I LOVEfish! the fact you caught it yourself makes it even more worthwhile!
I'm enjoying tuna stakes at the mo with a tomato/balsamic relish. I find fish good because it has such alot of of flavour & flakes in your mouth. Tonight i managed rissotto (with extra milky sauce) which made a nice change as i have a HUGE ulcer at the mo (back on the Scandishakes too Roll Eyes)
Let us know how your finding the R/T.
All the best
Hi Michelle,
Ouch to the ulcer!!!! Frowner and thumbs up to the tuna, we have a fantastic fish market in Cork city, I'm going to give that one a try, the relsih sounds yummy. I can't chew, so any thing that flakes, melts or slides is essential. I'm still peg fed but try to make up the additional needs by eating everything that I can. If I rely on the peg, I can't keep my weight stable so need the extra. If I need to revert to shakes I drink Cubitan. Apart from the extra calories and stuff it is also premotes wound healing.
RT didn't start today. Mask needed marking up more. An area of concern showed up on the last scan, so I need extra treatment to get that area too. First zap tomorrow. I will let you know how it's going after a few treatments.
Best to all.

Note: Dr Joshi added the Cubitan link
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Hi Chelle and Susie,

When I start eating again I was never sure if I really enjoyed the taste, or if I just enjoyed eatting something that I remembered enjoying. Whatever it seemed to work, so just eat whatever you fancy. Add loads of butter, cream, sour cream or any dressing you like to help it slip down. Well done for finding foods that you are enjoying again.
I'm with you on not knowing whether you're enjoying the food or just the fact you can eat again. Things don't taste the same i'm SURE of that. I did enjoy the tuna, and i enjoyed a carbonara i made. But other than that i'm not so sure! I'm also with you on using lots of cream & butter. Before i was very health concious and only used olive oil to cook with, but things slip down easier with butter. I'm going to be the only size 8 with sky high colesterole i'm sure!

the recipe for the relish is:
1/2 chopped red onion
2 large diced tomatoes
a squirt of tommy sauce (shh)
a squirt of tommy puree
splash of worcester sauce
chopped basil
spash of balsamic vinegar
1 clove of garlic
salt 'n pepper to taste...

cook it all down
YUM! Razzer

Good luck for tomorrow.. i hope they get that area of concern before it causes too much grief! poor thing, it's relentless isn't it?!

Hi Michelle,
Went shopping after RT today and got all the ingredients for the relish. Next task is the fish market early in the morning for fresh tuna, guess what I'm having tomorrow for tea!!
Thanks for taking the time to give me the recipie, I can't wait to try it, Bye Bye Jevity, hello real food!!.
As for the area of concern, I'm not going to let it get to me. I've come this far and am determined to keep going forward-not back. My elsest son said to me not to long ago (meaning it as a compliment) "Mum you are one tough old bitch" Now is the time to prove him right!
All the best,

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