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We are currently producing an ambitious, yet heartfelt documentary series for Channel 4 which tackles the subject of bereavement head on; a subject often shrouded in silence and fear. The series follows a group of inspirational people who have been given a prognosis of 12 months or less the opportunity to record a series of messages for friends and family to be shared after their passing. The messages are designed to help comfort, encourage and inspire loved ones to continue living fulfilling lives. 

We are hoping this series will highlight the positive effects of talking openly about dying and death in Britain. Our contributors in the U.S version of this documentary have found the filming process has led them to think about, discuss and feel better prepared as they reach the end of their lives. It has also provided great comfort to them knowing that the messages they leave for friends and family are intended to not only help them cope with their grief, but encourage them to live and love again. 

In producing the UK version of the series, we understand that we face a challenge opening up conversations about bereavement and are working closely with a number of experts and organisations in palliative care. Recently The Hospice and We Need to Talk about Death have begun opening up the dialogue in this area, we are hoping to continue this process by helping families approach the subject of dying and death in a new and constructive way. 

If you would like more information about the series please get in touch there is no commitment to take part beyond a friendly and respectful phone call from a member of the team.


Phone: 020 3179 0700

Mobile: 07395 600 639


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End Of Life:  Clearly a complex and sensitive subject.

I have spoken to the poster of this thread (not because I am terminal, merely because of an interest in EOL)  and whilst I can't comment on the credibility, ethics or morals of such a TV show I can say that I had an engaging conversation with someone very compassionate, aware and sensitive to the emotional complexities of EOL.

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