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The Mouth Cancer Foundation has received the below request from a journalist working at BBC Wales. If you are interested, please contact Selma or me directly via izabela@mediaambitions.com

My name is Selma Chalabi (@selmachalabi), and I am a journalist working for BBC Wales. I am currently researching for a radio programme about the rising prevalence of head and neck cancer.

I am specifically looking at HPV related throat and mouth cancer, and its increasing incidence amongst younger men. I would like to feature a personal story in the programme, and am therefore looking for someone who resides in Wales (the programme is to be broadcast on BBC Radio Wales) who has been diagnosed with an HPV related mouth or throat cancer.

Would you be interested in sharing your story on the radio? This is not a live interview. It would be pre-recorded and we would come to you.

Please call me for a chat – there is no obligation to proceed further if you don’t want to. Call 029 20322406 or email me at selma.chalabi@bbc.co.uk Many thanks.
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