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Hi All,
I had an MRI scan on my pituitary gland that revealed a lump in my tongue and had a biopsy on it which revealed appearances of a capillary other words they found no evidence of malignancy.
On my discharge letter from the hospital it said "consider repeat MRI scan in three months time" and haven't heard anything since and that must have been well over twelve months ago.
When I saw the ent surgeon for the results he said there was no need to see him again but if I had any problems swallowing to come back and see him.
I don't have any problems swallowing but just wondered if I should have had the repeat scan just to be on the safe side.
I just wondered if these capillary haemogima's can grow bigger even though they are benign?

Thanks for reading?


Hope everybody else is ok.
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Hello David

It is best to speak to your GP about it and seek his advice. It appears the lesion needs no treatment for now. It is not possible to predict these things but obviously, the specialists don't feel an urgency to intervene. I am sure you will be advised on what to look out for and a repeat scan arranged if there appears to be a development.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee

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