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Dear Robert,
I am really glad that India won a series abroad or ather England after 21 years. I am sure that if the rains had not comedown in the fist test -India would have been one down unless Dhoni pulled India out of trouble as he was doing,going into the second. The second was a diaster for England as India truly played outstanding cricket with the famous four contributing heavily. I really felt for Sachin as I am convinced after watching so many replays that he was not out and neither was Saurav. Surprising no centuries at all from the Indians except KUMBLE!!!! I really dont know who were really happy beside Kumble but here it was unbelievable. Noone had ever expected that. Guess we can call him a allrounder now.
India got a real trashing at the 01st. ODI , but I have not understood why the ball was not swinging keeping the wether in view. India batting too was really sic. as though they were playing club cricket. The second starts in another hour and I will be glued to the TV.
Take care
Dear Robert,
What I really feel bad is the way Greg Chappel tried to change things around - all he managed to do was ruin the team spirit. Just think of getting Saurav to sit out for a year! This particular side is what I could term as an orphan - who have got together and decided to take on the world without the help of any person who can promise them the world cup. However, there are a things that need ironing out and its upto the three on top of the line to pull everyones socks up. Rahul is a great fielder and so is Sachin. They are the guys who should take on the mantle of training the young guns and then there is Ganguly whose passion for the game we all know. The team by itself is a complete unit and now more or less self dependent and they have proved this not once but twice after the not so grateful exit of Mr. Chappel (he was the one who asked his brother Ian to bowl an underam bowl so that the batsman could not have hit a four or six which would made his team loose!). Well we all learn but only hope every mistake is not repeated and if they pull off the next two games - it will really be party and a direct blow on certain peoples ego.
What say?
Wowzie - that was some run chase and some awesome batting by the English team after having lost two quick wickets. I am sure India will be treated to another such match at the Lords as this would probably be the last time some of the senior players will play another series in the UK. Both sides have discovered talent , which has always ben there but never tapped. The five sixes of the last over made it almost impossible to even think India would go in for the chase. I guess the team spirit is on its all time high and the way each one played - Sachin,Saurav,Gambir, Uttapa ensured a fantastic win. Lets see what happens next.
What a feeling - a young untested team goes out and wins the TT world cup and that too against Pakistan! Indo Pak matches are never ever with their moments of giving heart attacks and this time again - it went right to the end. The first match also against them , where India won with a tie and then the bowl out!! All this could happen only to India and Pakistan.
What is truly a major upset was the Indian - South African match. Noone expected South Africa not to reach the magical 126 to ensure a berth in the semis. The Indians truly shocked them removing them not just from the semis but from the game. The same went for the Aussies. India is celebrating in a crazy way at the moment and there are fire crackers driving everyone around the bend!
With this win - I now have a gut feeling that at least one of the famous three - Sachin, Rahul and Saurav - will have to be very very careful as its most likely one or two may go out in the upcoming onedayers against the Aussies. Dhoni has proved to be a captain with a lot of brawns and brain and has adjusted his game and marshaled the side as a closely knit team. I now think he was the right choice and making Yuvraj the vice captain really did wonders - the six sixers in the that one over against the British and then the knock against the Aussies (which left them shell shocked) has finally brought him into his own. The British are going to take time to recover from this lamblasting and India will land in Australia on a high. Lets see how it goes from there. But for now - if you heard the music being played - CHAK DE INDIA!! - just hammer the opposition is what it generally means.
One more thing about the six sixers - if you really look at it -only three players have done it - one being Ravi Shastri in a domestic match, Herchele Gibbs against a team - Holland. To hit six sisers in one over in an international match is something special. I think Yuvraj was just venting his anger on the five sixes he was slammed for in the last ODI against England.
All I can now say is India has arrived.

Ignoring the World Cup it has been a great year for Indian cricket.I was impressed with Dhoni's leadership in this tournament also.India have a young side but they will be tested in the upcoming series.

I hope Dravid ,Laxman ,Kunmble ,Sehwag and Ganguly are recalled .

The Indian community in the UK have been celebrating all night I think Smiler
Dear Robert,
I think all the Indians in all parts of the world were celebrating and you cannot even imagine all that the state governments and the Companies they work for have given them for their win.Each one of them have become millionars overnight and have also got their promotions. Each of them have been given a luxury condo. by the main sponser - Sahara.
I am in complete agreement with you that though its a very talented team as they are at the moment - a lot of key players were missing. I would not take the names of Sachin, Rahul or Sauravof for that matter Kumble in regard to the TTs - as they are too valuable and experienced to go in for this kind of cricket.

Sehwag, except for the one innings has not done very much and I have my doubts if he will be considered for the forthcoming matches. With in inclusion of Rahul, Sachin and Saurav - it will be interesting to see who will have to sit out.

I also think Yusuf Pathan can be a very useful player and his younger brother Irfan has alreay proved himself that he is back on track - so we have one more addition - Zaheer - who still leads the quickies. I think India will have a problem with the selection but knowing Dhoni he will try and ensure all the youngsters are included and each one gets an opportunity. Joginder, who bowled the final over is today a changed man and I am really glad for him. He comes from a family where they barely muster up two proper meals a day and here just one over has not only made him famous and rich. I saw the interview of his parents - one saw the tears streaming down and I would add here that Dohni took a major chance in using him for the last over. His intution paid off!!
Lets see how the new team is made as the trio will have to be included.
Just a note not let you know how this group affects people's lives.

I haven't been a member long and I don't really feel I have contributed much, but the helpful and encouraging words I have received for my mother really mean a lot.

Anyway ...........Sport doesn't really interest me at all, neither cricket, football nor rugby - whatever - BUT when I heard, either on the TV or Radio that India had won the cricket my first thought was "Ananth will be pleased".

Just shows how this place reaches deep inside our hearts, doesn't it.
Dear Winnie,
Thank you for your lovely words. We all lead a life where nothing is sure anymore.There are so many ways of getting over a lot of things such as remorse. Something that one is passionate about is like a medicine that makes life easier to live and when the passion does something special - like India winning the 20s - it makes me into a new person. I know a lot of people will think we are a few nuts here who discuss cricket - but then that is passion which one needs to help one and others ( Robert!) after all that we have gone through.
India start their next tour from tomorrow - the Aussies are playing the MIGHTY Indians in India and they are actually convinced they are going to win.
Winnie look out for this page.... this way you will think of me more often!!!Smiler
Lots and lots of love,
Hi Ananth
I don't know what I'm going to do. Our football season finished here yesterday and sadly my team was defeated in a record-breaking loss of over 100 points!!!!!!! it couldn't have been much worse if they hadn't ventured over to Melbourne for the game.
The problem for me now is that it's going to be cricket season. I can't face it. Tell me what I need to do to be able to find some way of finding it interesting. I don't mind the one day matches ( that's limited over, isn't it?), but the tests just drag on and on and on and on (you get what I mean?) and there is no escaping the cricket on the radio. We get it morning, noon and night and while I realise that if I changed from the ABC to another station I could avoid it ~ I don't want to do that because I like the national broadcaster.
After the ragging you gave poor Ricky Ponting the other day in your post, I fear we Aussies are going to get a bit of a hard time from you!
I can't wait to hear your advice.
Hi Deborah,
Hmmm - the national telecaster seems to have something that others do not! But then.. he would as he is commentating on cricket and its only the special ones who do so. To be honest - its not everyones cup of tea or coffee. My wife hates the game and only tolerates it because of me.
The new Indian team full of youngsters have players with a lot of talent and a couple with alot of attitude. I would hate to be in their shoes should Mathew Hayden or Symonds decided to swing his bat not at the ball but at these guys. One of them has receieved a very serious reprimand and one more stupidity on his part its good bye. I personally do not like going personel on anyone who is playing against me as they too want to win and gives me no right to say wild things about them and act like a small baby on the field.
Ricky Pointing was asking for it and he got it back in his own coin. I, however, do not blame him as the 20/20 WC did leave a bitter taste in the Aussies camp and they are making no bones that the past is the past and now its another series. I saw the first match yesterday when the plastered India and I honestly think this trend is going to continue for the remaining five matches. One thing however - the new look Indian camp has a a lot of talent and a lot of guts to take anyone on. They are not overawed by anyones reputation and that makes a huge difference.
I know you are not really a keen cricket lover but you brought up the topic, my lovely and I just could not stop my self.

All my love, a smooch and a big hug. Say hi to hubby to who I will write sepertaely.

Hi Jamesr,
You seem to be doing good and I am really very happy to hear when such things happen. Its almost like its happeneing to me. Coming to the 20s - yes, I enjoyed it but I still am not in favor of it as it really mars the normal one dayers and test matches. One thing however positive that came out was that India can play without too much of dependence on the big three - Sachi, Dravid and Saurav. How much is true will be tested now during the ongoing one dayers series in which the first match was washed out and second the Aussies really spanked the Indians. Tomorrow is the next match - lets see what happens - a new day and a new match.
You James - Positiveness comes from your mind set. As I mentioned earlier if one thinks everything and everyone is ganging upon him/her its paranoid that sets in. If one is positive - you leave the worrying and fretting till it does hapen. Think about the possibilities - but do not dwell upon it. I was very positive when I got my reports- I never did worry about it earlier or even when it was confirmed. The only thing I insisted on was I did not want to spend my days in a hospital in a bed and looking at the dull hopsital beds and walls. I preffered to carry on living the way I always have, well knowing that my body is detoriating. However, I do not see what the doctors can do about it and hence it was pointless to even think of getting into hospital. Both my doctors - who are not just the best but truly angels are feeling miserable but they too feel that I should lead the same life I always have - full of fun and being different from the other patients who they see come moaning and groaning every second day. They love the way, each time I land up at their office - may hair is a different color, at times I cut it really short and at times as now its long with blonde sreaks and ofcourse the "cute" ponytail!! Its a good laugh each time we meet and I think it also relieves them of a lot of stress they go through.
Well James - lets see how the new Indian mean in blue cope up with the "pack of wolves" and see if they do manage to capture the pack or get eaten.

Lots of love Jamesr, Do keep posting with all your news as thats one bit I really look forward to to reading of each ones battles, tears, happiness, and the Wins in the fight.

Lots of love,
Dear James,
I went into the link. I think there are a few things that should be clear. Pointing made some immature remarks on his arrival in India. We then have known the Aussies to be the best sledgers in the world ( McGarth was good! - Shane Warne better). I honestly think the Aussies go a bit too far and cross the line and thats when things happen. I see no reason for Zaheer walk up to Peterson (UK) and give him a piece of his mind when jelly beans are thrown on the pitch. I see no reason why McGarth has to tell Sachin should play him and I certainly do not see what most of the Aussies have to crib about.
To a very large extent - I am not in favor of Sreesnaths behaviour and he has been told off. The flip side is that he has managed to become a thorn in the Aussie psyche and got them really mad and this can result in loosing all concentration on the job on hand. Dhoni - is a good captain and is doing well to rope in everyone - to be agrresive without being repulsive. Gavasker and the other known players of yesteryears are not complaining about Sreesanths antics as they know how they felt when the Indians kept quiet and the Aussies did the sledging. Its funny how when one team does it - its bad for the game but when your rivals to its just a part of the game.
Lets see tomorrow - what it brings for us. I hope Sreesanth does keep his antics withen limits as I have a feeling if this carries on for a longer period - it will have repucussions later when India play in Australia.
What say?
Oh No, Aussies have lost to India, Ananth what do you think???? Need I really ask! You will be feeling very happy at the moment while we all hang our heads in shame. I just wanted to let you know also Darrel and I have just returned from a Holiday around NSW and we went to the donald Bradman Museum, very interesting place to go to. Lots of memorabilla, stories, photos just wonderful, took a photo of hubby standing on the Don Bradman Oval, he will always treasure that. So I won't go on and on about the cricket there is really nothing to say but I know you will enjoy the moment and I did pray to have this result just for you.
Happy Days, Tracey
My sweethearts Tracy and Deborah,

Tracey, you really can make a guy feel all emotional and so can Deborah and you'll mean a lot to me.
I really relished your posts and especially since this is the first time Australia has lost a match in four years. This means India is improving or else Australia is being over confident. I do not think this tour of India has been a very happy one for Pointing and his pack as he has found for the first time that it was not just he and his side who were good at sledging and India came on really hard on them. He looked miserable when he was given out at the stumping and kept his pads on and kept watching then replay hoping against hopes that all the umpires had made a mistake so he would have something to add at his after the match chat with the media. I am a very hard core fan of the Men in Blue but am not too convinced on the selectors. I think they are complete idiots - politicians who have never held a bat or a ball in their life!!! Just imagine wanting to drop Sachin, Sayrav and Rahul!!! The Indians would not have a chance to even think about beating the Aussies and their way of playing. Mathew Hayden and Symonds are the guys to look out for and Micheal Clarke ( the puppy) is also shaping up well. However they are slowly also coming to the problem India was facing of their age.
Boy - I should have gone to the Bradman Museum during my trips down under but then as usual it always happens when we think about going and then decide later and that later never comes. I am sure your hubby , Tracey must have been overawed at all the stuff in the museum. One thing though - It was an honor when he invited Sachin Tendulkar to his place as he felt that he was the only one who resembled his style of batting and thats not very far from the truth.

I have managed to watch some matches in Melbourne as I would mix business with pleasure. The business is a big pain as its not something to my liking but have no alternative but to have taken it on. I had no idea of shipping and my father in law ( a rich guy!!) decided to move his entire fleet of cargo ships and deep sea fishing trawlers to Australia. The only hitch was my dear brother in law was not interested in carrying on with the business at all and things were sliding with my pa in law getting older. It was then he asked me if I would help out and helping out has led to my running the entire business - though have transferred all into my wifes name. We have offices in Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore. I do not think I will be able to carry on much longer and so we are back to square one - find someone in the family to take over or sell it off. The only person who would be a candidate would be my eldest son but then he too is not old enough to take on so may resposibilities. The other option is that Sonya, my wife moves to Australia and decides to run the business as she is well aquainted with the same and wait till my son grows up a little more. Anyway - thats another topic.
The next match is going to be the decider and India are going in with a lot of confidence so lets see. My bets are as usual on the Men in Blue.

Take care my ladies and lots of love,
Dear Ananth,
Yes I do hope India continues to do well for you. I don't know what is going on with our Aussie boys but sometimes we have to stand back and let someone else have a win!!!! LOL.
But we do have a problem, we lost the cricket to India, our Wallabies have come home after losing hanging their heads, so we Aussies have to pull our socks up again and get in there and fight.
If all goes well Darrel will be heading to New Zealand next March to play in the Golden Oldies Cricket Carnival which every 2 years they travel somewhere and meet teams from all over the world to play cricket, which happens to be Queenstown for them. Last year they went to a smaller carnival and played matches in Sri Lanka and had a wonderful time, we couldn't go to that one as our daughter was getting Married but all the team had a fabulous time. So cricket stays in the blood, I'm sure if Darrel could he would also play in a Golden Oldies Rugby League match but that is harder on the old bodies!!! I can hear Deborah now saying not that "Footy", they play it different where she lives!!
You sound busy with the decisions of the business you have to make, I'm sure you and your lovely wife will be guided in some way to make the right decisions as hard as this can be. Melbourne is one of our favourite Cities here to visit, we love going there and having a weekend away. Maybe your wife and eldest son can run the business between the 2 of them until he is older and more confident to handle things, with you guiding them now I'm sure they will learn to handle many things.
Anyway enough raving on for now, look forward in the coming Summer of cricket with you.
All my dearest cricketing friends.
Its been a very depressing with India getting a trashing. I guess it was just not their day as nothing went their way and Australia took the win without any problems. Bret Lee did a fantastic job and it was really sickening one Indian departing after another. I switched off my television after Sachin got out as there ws no point.
I hope things change around in the next two matches as then they can level the series. I think Rahul Dravid should be rested as he somehow does not seem to have that zing about him anymore. Sachin and Saurav are doing well and today Saurav had some really bad luck and thats when the wickets started tumbling. However, well done to the Aussies - they are the world champions and deserve to be.

I think Sreesanth is a fluke and his behaviour muct not be tolerated at all. I thin its sick to do the antics he does on the cricketing field - making a fool of himself.His bowling is also not that hot and I feel that a lot of extras could be saved if they did not give him the new ball and especially when you have three really good seamers in your side - Zaheer, Irfan and RP Singh. I think the sudden success has made him feel he is the best and he will land up flat on his face very soon if he does not plant his feet firmly on mother earth.

The India team othewise is a well balanced side who did not have any luck on their side today which resulted in loosing tamely to the Aussies. Well, lets see what lies in store for the remaining two matches. The Indians have to buckle up with all the cricket coming up and nee a great deal of confidence to get into the groove of winning.
Congratulations to all the Aussies and their supporters and especially since they backed their sledging wit the action.

With lots and lots of love and a hug for each one of you
Hi Ananth,
We are quite pleased down under that the Aussie's had a win. I hope they can keep it up all of the summer months ahead. Although the press have been saying some of the crowd were a bit hard on Andrew Symonds, monkey noises??? I'm sure he is big enough to take it by now, he certainly knows how to give it. The old saying if you can't take it, don't give it, applies with cricket I'm sure.
Hope your well at the moment,
Hi Tracey,
The Indians played as though this was the first time they had ever played cricket. They throughly dserved the trashing they got and Australia deserved to win. Lets see how these guys fare in the next two.
Yes, as far as words and actions are concerned, I think the Indians went pretty hard on the Aussies. The idea was okay as one can always see the sledging that goes on whenever Australia plays against any country. The Indian team is now full of the next generation who think aggression in any form is all right. One can see the Indians have picked on a few specially and try to really get under their skin- Symonds, Hayden and Bracken are the chosen ones.
Though I am not one for agressiveness to the extent Sreesanth went against every Aussie was most stupid and am glad he has been warned. I just cannot understand - one can be passionate but if someone is going to clobber you for runs its because you are a bowler! I really wish he would get this under his thick skin.

Another problem is Rahul Dravid - something seems to be bothering him and his mind just does not seem as though he is enjoying the play. I think Sachin or Saurav should have a talk with him alongwtih the new Captain - the very confident Dhoni. If things fall in place - Rahul will be much more a handful for the Aussies as he has always been.

Once the first over had been bowled and Saurav got run out and Rahul came in and departed the next ball with India at 5 for 2 - I decided to go and get ready and go out to one of the malls and thats excatly what I did. I could not bear to see the slauther and I am glad I did not - a nine wicket win for the Aussies and a solid nine wicket loss for the Indians! I wonder how the crowds managed to behave themselves as normally they begin with stones and God alone knows what all - they go smashing the cricketers homes and they abuse them with words that noone in their right mind would use. If they had won or win - they would be laden with money and gifts like what was done at the 20ts championship. The guys actually got cars ( each a diifferent make ) - Yuvraj got the latest Porche and 500,000 US$ besides a part of the price money of 12 million pounds sterling and then to top it all each one in the squad - palying or not were given a luxury apartment by their Sponsers - Sahara.

I think I am going to tell my son to forget everything else and play cricket and just get into the Indian side even as an extra!! He will become a rich man after just one match!!!

Life with me otherwise is fine otherwise - just that I seem to be getting tired faster then I used to get but I am still continuing with my running and regular workouts at the gym.

Take care Tracey and lots of love,
Hi Robert,
Besides the Aussies,Indians and Scots - I think we must wait for the West Indies, the British, Bangladesh, Srilanka and all the rest. Now that would be great.
One thing about chatting about cricket - at least we do not have to sledge each other and we dont have do antics like our Sreesnath - who behave like a complete moron.
The Aussies have won a well deserved series but I think the words and actions on and off the field went a bit too far. I ,without being biased I do not think any of the Indian players or crowds could have insulted Symonds about his race.Had they done so - Symonds would not have understood a word. The only reason he was targetted was without doubts because he too went after the Indians. Its so strange - him commenting that while the Aussies were practising , the Indians were busy shooting for commercials and how the Indian side was gifted with a lot of money and a house each. The Porsche that Yuvraj got has been a sour point for the poor chap. Why does he not point out that almost all the Aussies are modelling and endorsing Indian products ( ask Bret Lee, Pointing, McGarth etc). I wonder if Symonds did read the nespapers after the Aussies were out from the 20ts. - that it was Yuvraj who hit the six sixes in that one over and it was also the first time that has been done in an international match. Both the other ones - Ravi Shastri and Gibbs did their share in first class matches. He more or less has assured of a backlash against the Indians in the tour to come and find that funny as I do not think , India is going to give up so easily when they meet next. This is a team which is totally a new team full of youngsters who have only been exposed to the international arena now. With three experienced players in Sachin ,Saurav and Rahul - I am sure the Indian team will have matured enough not to just take the backlash but to give it back too.
My only regret is Sreesnath - he is an idiot and behaves like one and as Ian Chappel has mentioned - if India do not pull him down now -he may be another Shoaib Akthar in the making.!!
Well - all I can add is that well done Australia. You'll played some of the best cricket I have seen in a long time and the consolation is that India at least took away one game which no other country has managed for some time now.
Any comments??
Lots of love,
Dear Robert,
I have a strong feeling after this one day series against the Aussies - the Men in Blue wont feel the pressure so much with Pakistan and as far as sledging is concerned -it will be there but then no Indo-Pak match is complete without that.
I guess I am being a bit harsh on the guys regarding their behaviour on the field as all the teams in the world have spoken about the sledging that the Aussies do. But once again - Symonds talking about racial discrimination is totally rubbish as noone is bothered about his race. As long as he is in his Aussie outfit - noone is black or white - he is just an Aussie.
In the earlier post I had mentioned about how Symonds made that remark about the Indians making so much money. I do not see the reason as to why not. Not all players are going to playing in team India all the time barring some who will quit when they feel the time is right ( Rahul, Sachin and Saurav) and if they can lead a comfortable life after cricket I do not see the harm. I opened the newspapers tins morning and guess who has signed the dotted line to endorse a number a Indian products - none other then Ricky Pointing. As far as Bret Lee is concerned everyone knows that and they are also waiting for his album release made in India with a Indian background. He has also shown interest in acting in a "bollywood" movie! Do you think Symonds would refuse such offers and offers such as getting a house as a gift by the Aussie Cricket Board and Companies or Indian Companies - I do not think so.
However, saying that - I am still not convinced about Sreesanth. He should either play cricket in an agressive manner but not belittle anyone, not blow his trumpet with following it up with deeds. He has to be brought down to earth. Almost all the ex players are of the same opinion and I find it stupid that the Captain or some of the seriors have to come to the guys rescue everytime.
Symond feels that there will be a backlash when India tour Downunder- what do you feel? Check out the figures as to how many Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans( they all get together when they are not playing one another! live in Australia and the number that will travel from India as the airfares have become so cheap and Indians have become rich ( thanks to a booming economy). You will even find the most uncouth of Indians there coming in groups to cheer for India and especially if they feel there is a backlash going to be involved.
The Aussies deserved every win as they outlayed India in every department of the game. Sachin and Saurav have been more of less consistent but the rest have a long way to go including Dhoni,. He has the makings of a good captain as he is calm, does not get stressed and leads by example -( some of the stumpings and catches were unbelievable). Symonds, in fact should be feeling great that he has been instrumental in the hammering that the Indians got and I am not sure he got such scores because of his anger but his natural strokes and bowling right in the block hole.
Anyway - I think the Mumbai match should pass off comfortably and surprisingly the Indian public has not raised any anti Indian slogans against any player this time. The last time India lost a match against the British - the idiots went and almost broke down Dhonis house, attacked Kaifs and Irfans homes. If these are not idiots what are they?
Lets see how they fare against the Pakistanis as this will really be a trial to see what they will be like when their turn to tour Australia comes around.
What say to all my boring issues?
Hi Ananth,
India is certainly having a lot of backlash here in Australia for what they are doing to Andrew Symonds. I just don't understand why it is just him, obviously he has upset a few of them with whatever he has said now or in the past!!! although he has come out saying he isn't bothered by what they are doing, it is just our press making a big issue of it. And of course we know there has always been sledging in the game of cricket and Aussie's being as good as anyone with it. I don't know why Symonds would be worried about what the India team get for playing cricket, out cricketers have a very good pay packet plus as you mentioned or the endorsements they make around the world, he certainly can't complain, he doesn't live a bad life at all. As I mentioned my husband is still very involved with cricket also, he is on the board of Dolphins Cricket here on the Gold Coast which Andrew Symonds is a member, we can't even get him to sign anything for charity eg. t-shirt, without going through his manager and the answer can be no most of the time. I hope it doesn't have backlash here during our games in Summer, my family love going to the cricket to enjoy the many mixed cultures that go along and bring some fun and entertainment to the long day of watching. Australian cricket has made a tough stand on allowing things to be taken into the games, but when Sri Lanka would come and other teams from around the world they are so much fun to watch and listen to them singing or playing drums etc. I can remember one year our son was only about 10 or 11, we couldn't get him away from the Sri Lanka crowd he was there joining in on the bongo drums etc, he had a ball. that to me is what Cricket is all about, the fun for everyone!!
I'm sure my family will be there again as they are now planning what games to attend.
Anyway Aussies won the series, India played well to give them a run for their money, so I hope you have enjoyed your cricket watching so far.
Talk soon, Trace
Dear Tracey,
I can vouch for one thing noone was beibg a racist as if that was so - I think we Indians must be the craziest people in the world. Symonds for all the Indians care is an Aussie and hars hitting one. The best way to get under his sking was what the Aussies are famous for - sledging. However, noone can say that he was abused as in India we have 14 official langauges and over a 1000 dialects. One will never know if one is getting insulted. It like, if I travel to South India - I might as well be in Greece as I would not understand a word of what they would say to me.
The point about the Indian cricketers making money and living it up should hardly be a matter of concern for him. Why does'nt he go and confront, Mathew Hayden, Bret Lee or the Captain - Ricky Pointing for their opinions. I am sure he would have also been on the list had he had the brains to keep his mouth shut and forget all that was going on on the stands and worried about the pitch!
Here in India - cricket is a religion and every Indian knows everything about the game and everyone has a hundred opinions on how each player should have played!!!Smiler. The idea is that one recognises the quality of play that one demonstrates on the field and paises the player - be it an Aussie or an Indian. I wonder why Symonds does not remember the applause he got not just from the players but also from the crowd? I guess ideas get into his head with a lot of problem - keeping his hair style in view!! I wonder if the Aussies remember the sledging Murali got and thats when he decided never to play in Australia again?
Anyway - the last match was one crazy match with the Indians bent on comitting harakiri and almost did so had it not been for the tail enders. 193 to chase - A score that Australia have never been bowled out for and our famed batting line up falling like ten pins all around. I am glad a few had some sense and finally a win. 4-2 this time - lets see what happens down under next year as these boys would have become experts at the way the Aussie play the game and I do not think the Aussies will be able to do much to get under their skins. That however, is another seiers and another year and who knows what this interim period has in store.

Lots of love and a big hug,
Hi Russ,
Wow - you are doing well.Tell me however, do you think the 20/20s will be a regular feature. I dont know why but I did not enjoy it. You just go wham bam and there are no requirements to show ones abilities as a cricketer. Team India seem to have taken it like a duck to water.
The Pakistanis are here and they had a got day against Delhi day before. They played really more in fun and yet beat the Delhi team led by Gambhir by five wickets. The first ODI starts on the 09th. and both the sides are equally geared up. The wierdest thing though is dropping Dravid- which I do not believe he was dropped but must have taken the desecion by himself to do something and get back into form. He has already started playing the Ranji Trophy for Karnatka and is getting back to form.
Anyway, lets see how the team copes as Sachin gave a long interview this morning and I do not think he is going to gift his wicket away in anyway. I only hope Sehwag and our Captain - Dhoni find their form as if they do - the I would confidently sat God help the Pakistanis.

Will keep you posted and await your remarks.
Lots of love,

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