I recently attended a medical conference where very interesting information was presented. Preliminary studies from John Hopkins suggested that erectile dysfunction drugs (e.g. Cialis, Viagra) can stimulate the immune systems of patient’s with head and necks cancers so they can better battle cancer cells. This is interesting information because it is a new approach of treatment with agents so far not used to treat cancer.

Studies performed so far are only test tube ones done in blood samples collected from patients. Although the results are promising clinical studies are needed to evaluate if the administration of erectile dysfunction drugs can be helpful in treating head and neck cancers.

I want to caution that these results are very preliminary and more research is needed.
However, they offer hope for new type of treatment in the future.

Itzhak Brook MD
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Good Morning berryj,
First of all may I point out that the use of this website to promote sales of any product is frowned upon.
Secondly the type of drugs used to control hypertension tend to cause erectile dysfunction so any drug which has a positive effect on ED is likely to reverse the effect of the original treatment resulting in elevated blood pressure with the attendant risk of heart attack, stroke etc.Treatment of complex situations involving peoples' lives can only be safely handled by a professional medical practitioner who is in possession of all the case details.
You have chosen an immotive issue as a platform for your sales campaign but have you considered the effect it could have on a young man who may take the view that since he has H&N cancer what has he to lose? the answer is ...his life.
Perhaps you would be so kind as to explain to us just what you hoped to achieve by your posting, and which particular drugs used in the treatment of H&N cancer you suspect of causing erectile dysfunction.
John Spencer

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