Find eating fruit and vegetables difficult with both dry mouth and swallowing difficulties following cancer of the tongue. Discovered juicing, bought a machine and a recipe book and now have all the fruits and vegetables in an easy to swallow format. Even my wife is having juice every morning and enjoying its benefits. Try and I hope enjoy.
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Hi Derek
Forgive me but I was chuckling reading your post. I don't have mouth cancer (but am being investigated for mouth problems) but I do have Sjogren's (with the classic dry mouth) and eating a lot of my favourite foods is becoming increasingly difficult - more because I like the odd sweet thing which is nearly impossible currently because of my teeth issues. However, despite that I have a huge addiction to a particular soft sticky mint chocolate that is happily adding to my dental problems, and a couple of people have jokingly suggested I stick them in a blender and drink them instead Big Grin Personally I don't think that would quite do it for me - you know what food addictions are like perhaps - you need the 'hit' of the taste - to just swallow the stuff wouldn't be much use Smiler

Afraid I don't like fruit or veg enough to consider that option with them - but I'm losing enough weight to have to consider things I never enjoyed or liked food wise before. Have to say - mouth problems (and perhaps even digestive ones) have to be the worst - to not be able to eat or enjoy food is tough. Glad thus, that you've discovered something that's working for you.

Regards and good luck.
TR Cool

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