Hi Dr Joshi and thankyou for your time. I have been suffering with tonsil stones for a while now - at present I have a particularly stubborn one which i believe after reading some of your posts could be a pseudocyst as it appears to have a light membrane over it.

Yesterday I was poking around trying to remove the annoying thing when I found a lump underneath my tonsil quite far down my throat and Im really freaking out.

I do appear to have something similar the other side of my mouth. The lump is underneath the tonsil with the pseudocyst and recurrent tonsoliths. I dont recall it being there for long but then i dont poke around down that far very frequently.

My question is could it be an enlarged lymph node due to the infection in the tonsil, a normal structure i have never noticed or something more sinister? It doesnt appear to be discoloured in any way and blanches slightly when i press on it. It also tends to almost disappear when i lie down. I am a 38 year old female.

Any advice would be great - I have booked an appointment with my GP but she is off on holiday and the earliest i can get to see her is 10 days. I am convincing myself it is the worst - is there any chance it is something else?
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Hello jenn245

You need to see your doctor for an opinion and if necessary to get a referral to an ENT specialist for a proper diagnosis as it is not possible to give do this over the Internet. It is probably not something to get worried about but it is better to get it checked if you feel worried. 10 days is a long time to spend worrying! Even though your doctor is away on leave, there should be another doctor in the practice who could see you. Tell them what you are worried. Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
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Thanks Dr Joshi - I took your advice and saw one of the other doctors who wasnt too sure what I was talking about but thinks it may be a blocked minor salivary gland - do you have these in your throat? He advised waiting 3 weeks and he would look at it again - but didnt think it was likely to be cancerous. Does that sound right to you?

UPDATE: I feel so stupid - I was poking around again and found almost an identical lump on the other side - i guess there must be a bony lump underneath my tonsils both sides - i guess as it is symmetrical it is nothing to worry about - doh do i feel stupid!!!
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