Hi all,
I am looking for some advice in regards to a white patch in my mouth under my tongue but behind my teeth. Ive been to docs about this and a biopsy was done last week through maxiofacial clinic.

I was advised the results will take 3 months to come back so an appointment had been made for march next year. Is it usual to have to wait so long. I was told there was a back log. I hate the idea to wait 3 months when i have young children and if my mouth is sinister then would rather find out sooner rather than later. Surgeon advised white patch could be due to my bottom denture but my dentist has elliminated that.

regards in advance

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Hi mummywsoods,

I am really at a bit of a loss to understand why they are taking three months to come back with the results of a biopsy, especially if your dentist has eliminated the possibility of it being a problem with a bottom denture. I notice that you are in Hampshire and wonder which hospital saw you. My results were very quick, well maybe 10 days but no more than that. If you are worried - and it sounds as though you are - you must go back to your GP and insist that something is done quicker than three months, or ask for a second opinion. Three months waiting is not really good enough if it is a problem that might just turn out to be something sinister.

Please keep in touch.

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I have heard good reports of the QA. I was 'dealt with' at Southampton which, I have to say, was very good.

I can appreciate you leaving things until January as it would be difficult to get a sensible appointment for anything during the remainder of this year, but please keep an eye on everything and see someone if you are at all worried. I strongly believe that stress plays a very big part in all these things.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.
How agonising the wait must be for you. I can only think that different health authorities have different criteria, I have had all my results back and seen my consultant all within 10 days both times, prior to the operation, the longest I waited was after the op when they sent my jaw away to be dissolved to see the extent of the Cancer and I waited 8 weeks. On the positive side if they were extremely worried I am sure they would of rushed it through, my consultant said from my very first appointment that the lump on my jaw was Cancer and that was without the biopsy so I would really look on the positive side. These doctors are really clever, they know what they are looking at.
Emmy is quite right when she says that if there was anything really suspicious your doctor would have asked them to put it on a fast track and you would have heard something pretty quickly.

Back in the summer I had to have a chest X ray, which I thought would be fairly standard but they came back rather fast to say that there was 'something' there, and things started moving. No, it wasn't cancer - thank goodness - but an empyaema. In the end I had to self admit to hospital, but what I am saying is that they pricked their ears up when they found that 'mass'.

I do hope you hear soon and your mind can be put at ease.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.

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