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My father in law is going to have his voicebox removed Thursday. My 5 year old son is very close with his grandpa and although they live 10 hours apart they talk on the phone every few day's and they see each other 7 or 8 times a year. If my father in law were closer I think it would be easier for my son, but their only form of communication is on the phone.

Does anyone have any advice or tips that made communicating with out of area loved ones easier after the surgery. I know email and letter writing are going to be very important, but my son is only 5 right now so while I could write the letters I am also looking for some way to get him involved in the communication. He is very concerned about not being able to talk to his grandpa all the time and I want to have some suggestions to ease his mind.
Thanks in advance for your advice!
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It is difficult to predict the outcome of a laryngectomy as far as what methods of communication will work well.
It is important to realise that time will be a factor. Initially after my laryngectomy there were problems in having a telephone conversation. I got round that by using a computer text to speech program and a speakerphone, but it required patience on the part of people I was talking to over the phone.
Laryngectomees vary in terms of the volume of sound they can produce, whatever method of speech they end up deciding is the best for them. I can produce a big volume with either an electrolarynx or my speech valve but I know of (a few) others who struggle to find an easy or reliable method.
Keeping in touch with a grandson will be a very powerful motivator for a laryngectomee to work to get a functional new voice and I really hope for a favourable outcome.
As well as the Speech Therapist, fellow patients can provide valuable support in voice restoration and I recommend your father in law looks for a local laryngectomee club.
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